Zenith Bank Cardless Withdrawal: How To Withdraw From The ATM

This is for Zenith Bank clients/ Customers. You might really want to withdraw money without your ATM but have your phone. This is Cardless Withdrawal. And maybe you left your phone at home and wish to collect money. I will show you Zenith Bank Cardless Withdrawal: how to withdraw from the ATM.

Zenith Bank Cardless Withdrawal

Now a Zenith Bank ATM cards are Quickteller enabled. So Cardless withdrawls can work ATM cards that are enabled with quickteller. So here you go.

Zenith bank Cardless withdrawl will enable zenith bank customers to have access to their money with their ATM card.

Zenith Bank Cardless Withdrawal Using USSD Code.

Here are the steps to take to make the Withdrawal.

• Dial *966*60#

•Select Cardless Withdrawal.

• Then select create cardless withdrawal code.

•Enter Amount you wish to withdraw. Note this amount should not be more than #20000.00.

•Enter your USSD pin.

•You will receive a 12 digit code and a 4 digit PIN.

• Then proceed to the nearest quickteller enabled ATM to withdraw the money.

Zenith Bank Transfer Code.


Are you a customer of Zenith bank, new or old. And you don’t know how to transfer using USSD code. It is here for you to see.

Zenith bank transfer USSD can work in any phone both Android and normal kpalasa phone. You don’t require internet connection to do that. Only have your sim card that you use to receive alert. Your sim could be MTN, Glo, Etisalet or Airtel. You even use that code to carry out Zenith Bank cardless withdrawal.


Zenith Bank Transfer To Other Banks.

To do this dial *966*amount*account number# from the phone number you registered with Zenith bank. This is the phone number that you use to receive alert.

Then you follow the prompt on the phone to complete the transaction. An Example is this *966*10000*1234567890#.

You can use this code to transfer for both zenith bank and other banks. This means that you can do both inter and intra bank transfer.

Zenith Bank USSD Password And Pin Reset Code.

And to carry out Zenith bank pin reset. Just dial *966*60#. Then follow the prompt and complete your transaction.

Zenith Bank Money Transfer Using App.

Do you have a smart phone? Then you can still download the Zenith bank mobile app . The app you will download depends on the account you have with them.

And if you download your app in Google playstore. Activate it. If you can’t do it. Then go to the Zenith bank let the help you.

You can use your app to transfer money to Zenith and any other bank in Nigeria. And there are other things you can do with it. Like airtime top up, checking balance, statement and so on.

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