UBA ATM Cardless Withdrawal: How To Collect Cash

Today getting cash, just got easier. You can even do that without your ATM card. Just follow some process and you will have your money in no time. So, are you one of UBA – United Bank For Africa customers/clients? And you don’t know your way on how to do that. I will put you through. I will break the pieces of UBA ATM Cardless Withdrawal-How To Withdraw Money.



UBA ATM Cardless Withdrawal

How To Carry Out UBA Cardless withdrawal

•Dial *919*30*Amount# Then follow the prompt.

• Go to the nearest UBA branch and use the ATM

. • On the ATM machine/code select Paycode cash out.

•Input the amount and select ok.

•Your transaction will be verified and your cash dispensed.

Alternatively, you can still do it this way:

• Dial *919# and send. Then press 6 to select Paycode and cardless transaction on your mobile phone . This is the number you registered with UBA.

•Create a one time pin-OTP, enter it to get a Paycode or cash out pin to use and withdraw the money.

• Go to a nearby UBA ATM machine, input your pin, Paycode and amount and phone number.

• Your transaction will be verified and your money dispensed to you

Things To Know About The UBA Cardless withdrawl.

•The maximum limit that can be collected through ATM is #20000.00 And that of POS is #150000.00.

• And Paycode can be used in all UBA ATM Machine and other enabled ATM machine enabled for Cardless withdrawal.

• The code can be sent to your registered phone number. The phone number that you usually use to receive SMS from UBA. This code expires after 24 hours. And you can as well send the code to a third party to help you withdraw. But you will need to include the amount and the cash out pin.

• Paycode can also be used to pay for goods and services in Outlets where the POS is Cardless enabled.

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