Top 5 Businesses You Can Start With 50k In Nigeria


People will always ask the kind of business they could start with some amount of money. In Nigeria there are Businesses you can start with little capital. These businesses if done very well will fetch you some money and you earn a living from it. And as you go through this article you will see them. I will show you the top 5 Businesses you can start with 50k in Nigeria.

Top 5 Businesses you can start with 50k in Nigeria

These businesses includes the below.

1. Snail Farming.

This is a business that you can start in a low key. And you can even start it with 50k.

Now, who said you can’t start it at your backyard? You can. You don’t require large plot of land to start and the market is viable. The demand is insatiable. So you can always sell it.

Get or construct a snail pen or use big lorry or car tyres that the mechanic people have dumped and are no longer using. You can get these tyres at a cheap rate. Get about 3 of these tyres and keep them on top of each other. Then use a wireguaze to cover the top.

But you have to put sand inside the tyres. Get some fertile snails from the bush or buy from good farm. These snals should be able to lay eggs and reproduce.

Always feed your snails with waterleaf, Vegetables, watermelon, cucumber and you can also buy snail feeds.

Then when your snails mature for two months then you can sell in the market.

2. Recharge Card Business- Top 5 Businesses You Can Start With 50k

You can do this business with 50k. Just buy from dealers of telecomunication. Buy different Networks, MTN, Airtel, Globacom, Etisalat. And stay on a busy roadside and be selling it.

It is a business of quantity. This is because the gain is minimal but the more quantity or volume you sell, the more money you make. And do you know you can even finish the 50k recharge card you bought the same day. Then go back and buy more and sell again. That way you are selling volume.

If you can’t afford a shop. Just get an umbrella and a plastic chair and table and stay at the side of a busy roadside. You will be getting patronage as people are always looking for where to buy recharge card, every time .

3. Plantain Chips Business.

Can you make plantain chips or can you learn it from an expert or someone who is already into it . This is not tough or hard to start or learn.

It can be prepared from both ripe or unripe plantain. And people like it as snacks in the afternoon. And again it is very nutritious because of plantain contains Iron.

So you can start it with even 50k and make your money. It is all about cutting the plantain into pieces or chips and adding salt and frying with good groundnut or vegetable oil.

Then go to the market to sell. Also you can also get people that you can supply to.

4. Sell Drinks And Water.

People needs to take soft drinks and water everyday. This is a business that will never die. And you can start it with 50k.

You do not need to have a freezer or refreigrator to start it. Just buy a Cooler and be buying ice block to use and cool your soft drinks and water .

Drinks you can sell include, Coca cola, 7up, Pepsi, Fanta, Mirinda, Spirit, Malta Gunniess, Maltina, Amstel Malt, Beta Malt, Grand Malt, Table waters from different companies, pure or sachet waters.

These things are consumed every time. So you will always be in business.

5. Selling Smoked Fish- Top 5 Businesses You Can Start With 50K.

You can make money from smoked fish. It is either you buy fresh fish and dry it and resell. Or you buy dry fish and sell it to consumers.

People buy smoked fish to eat or use to cook soup, stew, rice, yam and other different delicacies and even pepper soup.

So with this business you will always be in business all the time.

Now are you one of those that wants to start a business in Nigeria with little capital the above are your top o

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