Top 10 Philantropic Foundations In Nigeria 2020

There are a lot of Philantropic Foundations in Nigeria but I will give you now the Top 10 Philantropic Foundations In Nigeria 2020. So maybe you are looking for their names or how to reach them, then you are in the right place.

Top 10 Philantropic Foundations

Philantropic Foundations have helped a lot of people to further their education, in business start ups. And even helped existing business to grow to a higher level.

It has eradicated poverty in some families and communities. They have also help individuals. Also have provided free medical and health care facilities and treatments to a lot of people. That is the power of a philanthropic foundation.

Philanthropic Foundations In Nigeria.

This is listed based on their success track record. See them below.

1. Tony Elemelu Foundation – Top 10 Philantropic Foundations

This foundation was found by the Nigerian economist business men, enterpreneur, Philanthropist, called Tony Elemelu. He started it in the year 2010.

The foundation is meant at supporting enterpreneurship. It also empowers leadership across African countries.

And since 2010 it has empowered about 7000 enterpreneur across 54 African countries.

2. Aliko Dangote Foundation- Top 10 Phillantropic Foundations

This foundation belongs to Aliko Dangote. He is amongst the richest man in Africa.

Since 1981 when the Business started the foundation has helped a lot of individuals.

They have achieved this by investment into education, health and economy of the country.

At a stage they donated a huge amount of 1 billion naira to Nigerian universities. This includes 5 million Naira to Bayero university Kano. To help boost business in the school.

And they also donated a 100 million naira to the proposed Otueke university. Bayelsa state.

Also the Aliko Dangote Foundation came in conjunction with the Bill And Melinda Gate Foundation to eradicate Polio.

And the Aliko Dangote Foundation has offered relieved materials worth over 50 million Naira to community leaders to help the people that suffered the enthnic- religious crises in Jos in 2012.

3. Rochas Okorocha Foundation- Top 10

This foundation was founded in 1998. It is a nonprofit organization founded by Senator Rochas Okorocha. He is a former Imo state governor. It is aimed at supporting education.

The foundation has given free education to 6000 secondary schools in Imo state, kano state, Ibadan, Gboko and Jos.

4. Jim Ovia Foundation.

The Jim Ovia foundation is founded and owned by the Zenith bank founder.

The foundation was founded in 2003. And it is to help tap and discover hidden talent in the Nigerian youths. This will help the economy.

Jim Ovia foundation has donated about 50 million Naira to education in Nigeria.

5. T. Y Danjuma Foundation – Top 10 Philantropic foundation

This is a private philanthropic organization. It belongs to the former defense minister Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma.

It was established in 2008 to help support the less privilege. This it does by providing educational and health support. So this also among the top 10 Philantropic organization in Nigeria.

6. Sir Emeka Offor’s Foundation.

Sir Emeka Offor’s foundation was established by him in 2006. It is a non governmental organization.

The foundation is aimed at helping the needy and the poor in Nigeria.

And the foundation does its charity through youth empowerment, Schoolarship awards, widow cooperative scheme and so on.

7 Oba Otudeko Foundation.

The Oba Otudeko Foundation was established by the renowned Nigerian Business man and the Honeywell chairman Oba group in 2003.


They are aimed at building sustainable development in health sector, education, technology, and environmental sector.

This is achieved by helping the instructions involved. By providing infrastructure to some organizations.

Some of their achievement includes an auditorium built by then in the Pan African University. And an administrative block built at all saints college Edo state.

8. The Rose Of Sharon.

The Rose Of Sharon was established by the richest woman in Africa. Her name is Folorunsho Alakija.

And the foundation is aimed at helping widows and orphans through Business grants and scholarships.

9. Mohammed Indimi Foundation- Top 10 Philantropic Foundations.

The Mohammed Indimi foundation belongs to the Nigerian business mogul Mohammed Indimi.

It is a non profit organization. And aimed at lifting Nigerians out of poverty, illetracy and hunger. The Nigerians that can benefit are mainly those in the Northern part of the country.

And the foundation has given scholarships to some Nigerians in 2016 to study at the international African University of Sudan.

They have also provided immense support and relieve to those affected by Book Haram crises. The support was in form of housing, food, clothing, schools and clinics.

10. Made In Africa Foundation- Top 10 Philantropic Foundations

The final on this list is Made In Africa Foundation. It was founded by Kola Aluko the CEO of Atlantic energy. Now, Atlantic energy is an indigenous oil and gas company in Nigeria.

Made In Africa was formed to support and fund master plans and feasiblity studies for a transformational change. And this is for large scale project in Africa.

And this is for you to chose. Based on your plans and what you want. You can apply to any of them for your project.




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