List Of Oil And Gas Companies In Nigeria


I have to list these companies. It should be a good thing to look out for. But do you truly need it? You do. actually. I will show you the list of oil and gas companies in Nigeria.

So to say crude oil is our major natural resources. It drives our economy. So, you might need one or two business with them.

I can say that oil company have boosted Nigeria economy a lot. This is because they provide employment opportunity.

And I can’t talk much about their help in education. By offering of scholarships to students. They offer bursary allowance.

Moreover, they provide health care to poor people. And even potable pipe borne water and social amenities. I have to say that oil and gas companies have done a lot. I can talk about them without talking about Nigeria economy. They have created and still create employment today.

Here Are The List Of Oil And Gas Companies

1 Petrobas.
2, Hardy Oil and Gas.
3, Total.
4. Nexen Inc.
5. Addax Petroleum.

6. Agip Oil Company.
7. Statoil.

9. Exxon Mobil.
10. chevron.

And you can check these,
11. Honeywell oill and gas.
12.National engineering and technical Co. ltd.
13.Nigerian national petroleum corporation.
14.Oando group.
15.Nobile drilling.
16.Obat oil and petroleum.
17.Zukus industries limited.
18.United Geophysical oil company.
19. Weltek Nigeria Ltd
20. Technip.
21. Survicom.
22. Snake Island integrated free zone.
23. Stattoil.
24. Roxar.
25. Sadiq Petroleum.

26. Sahara group.
27. Socotherm.
28. Sunlink Petroleum.
29. Sigmund Engineering.
30.Wog Allied services.
31. ZENON petroleum and gas.

And what about these,
32.Point Engineering and services.
33. Oil test services.
34. Onyx energy services limited.
35.Nigerian liquefied natural gas.
36. Lubcon limited oil and gas
37. Ladol
38. Kasolute
39 .Lonadek Oil and gas
40. linkso
41 Japaul ltd


I can’t about these without mentioning the below
42.Hudson petroleum ltd
43.First fossil.
44. Famfa Oil.

45. Fugro Nigeria ltd.
46. Emex systems .
47. Deltaafrik engineering limited.

And also in the list are,48. Conoil plc.
49. Brawal shipping oil

50. Bell oil and gas
51.African petroleum

52.Amazon Energy
53. Cakasa oil.
54. Department of petroleum resources.

But the listed ones here are part of the list. The list will be awesome for a developing country. Still, this is it for you.

Absolutely, the above mentioned are list of oil and gas companies in Nigeria. I think that you can always count on them. And because you can’t do without oil and gas. Today, the world moves around it.

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