How To Write A Business Plan For A Food Business

How To Write A Business Plan For A Food Business
How To Write A Business Plan For A Food Business

How To Write A Business Plan For A Food Business

Do you own a food business in Nigeria or does one have a concept to have one? If your answer is yes, then you would like a business plan. Many businesses underestimate the importance of business plans, this can be one in every of the foremost reasons why such a large amount of businesses fail. because the owner or prospective owner of an SME in Nigeria under the food sector, it’s imperative to own a business plan. Let’s show you the way to write down a straightforward business plan for your food business.

What is a Business Plan?

A business plan could be a plan that shows how your business will work and succeed. it’s also the road map that guides your business from conception to success. There are different styles of business plans counting on the aim and also the reasonably business. alittle food business doesn’t need an advanced business plan. If you’re an SME in Nigeria, then you’ll have a one-page business plan.

Steps to Writing a One-Page Business Plan for your Food Business

This type of business plan is additionally called a one-pager. It pushes you to supply clear thoughts about your food business thanks to its framework. the entire idea revolves around putting all the essentials on one page.

Here’s what your one-page food business plan should contain:

a. One-line pitch

b. Business Summary

c. Management

d. Customer Problem

e. Product/Services

f. Target Market

g. Sales/Marketing Strategy

h. Financials

Below is a top level view of a sample business plan for food products or restaurants and bars.

a. company name – this can be where you fill in the name. we’ll make use of ZFT Foods during this post.

b. Product name – What product are you selling to the public? you’ll be able to have a variety of products or one product. Most food businesses have a spread of products.

c. Customer problem – What problems are you trying to fix? this provides you a transparent picture of who your target market and your competitors are going to be.

One-page Business Plan for Food Business
One-line Pitch

The one-line pitch helps you to grab the eye of the person reading your business plan. Don’t mistake this for a slogan or catchphrase, it’s a pitch. So you’ll be able to keep company with something like:

Enjoy amazing local and continental dishes at an inexpensive rate at ZFT Foods. We concentrate on providing healthy and delicious meals to satisfy your daily needs.

Business Summary

The business summary provides a transparent description of the business and its objectives. you’ll also mention the products briefly, although there’s a full section dedicated to product description.

a. Business name – ZFT Foods

b. Business location – No. 123, XYZ Street, City, and State.

c. Business mission and vision statements.

d. a short description of what the business is about.

Management Structure

This section of the one-page business plan describes the leadership of the business, you may be answering questions such as:

a. Who owns the business?

b. Who runs the business?

c. Who else is on the management team?

Give a comprehensive description of the individual, stating their qualifications for the duty. If you have got partners, state who they’re and also their qualifications.

Customer Problem

This is the premise of your business and determines the structure, raw materials, capital required, etc. Here’s an example to create now clearer.

Customers on XYZ Street and its environs need tasty affordable meals in an exceedingly serene location. Many of them also desire to own access to take-away packages of various sizes.

Product/Service Offerings

This a part of the business plan gives a transparent picture of your product or service offerings. You don’t just describe the products, you describe how you wish to deliver them to your customers. It requires you to make an inventory of all the products you intend to supply. use caution to not reveal your secret here. Many SMEs in Nigeria make that mistake when writing business plans.

Target Market

This section answers the question, “Who needs your products?” While it’s crucial to state your current market, you ought to even have projections. this suggests that you simply should highlight who you intend to sell to within the nearest future beyond your current market.

Based on our example above, ZFT has the subsequent under this section:

a. People staying on XYZ Street and environs.

b. Workers

c. Students, etc.

Sales/Marketing Strategy

How does one arrange to reach resolute your target market? this can be the section where you provide the solution to the current question and explain your strategies in clear terms. Will you utilize marketers? does one arrange to make use of a physical marketing model otherwise you will drive sales using social media? Are you visiting build a website?.


This is one amongst the foremost important aspects of a business plan. Investors want to understand the viability of the business. If it’s a startup business, then you ought to provide projections for the following few years. An existing business might have to supply revenue, expenditure, and profit figures for previous years.

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How To Write A Business Plan For A Food Business

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