How To Withdraw Money With Fingerprint Via GTBank ATM

Maybe you don’t know this, you can actually withdraw money from the ATM with just your fingerprint. So, no ATM card, no Cheque book, just your finger and ATM card. I will teach you in this article how to withdraw money with fingerprint via GTBank ATM.

How to withdraw money with Fingerprint

Fingerprint is a new feature added to selected GTBank ATM Machine. It is a convinent way of accessing money. Fingerprint withdrawal do not require 12 digits reference withdrawal number.

It may suprise you to know that many people don’t use it. That maybe simple that they are not aware of this new method or they simply don’t want to try it because they are used to the old method. This old method is normal withdrawal with ATM card or Cardless Withdrawal.

You can actually use your fingerprint to withdraw when, maybe you left your ATM card at home, or if your ATM card is damaged or stolen.

How Do I Use The GTB fingerprint Withdrawal.


You don’t need to have an account with GTBank. Your BVN got you covered. So even if you have an account with other banks, you can still with cash at GTBank ATM.

To Withdraw Cash With Fingerprint In GTBank ATM.

• Locate any GTbank ATM nearest to you. Thumbprint enabled one. This is the type of ATM machine that can withdraw with fingerprint.

•Press the enter the enter button on the ATM.

•Select fingerprint withdrawal option.

• Enter the phone number of your accouba and click proceed.

•Place your right thumb on the hardware thumbprint for 5-10 Seconds.

• Remove your hand and click on proceed.

• Enter amount then press Enter button to proceed.

• Your cash is dispensed and transaction is completed.

You see that way you have done fingerprint withdrawal. So you can start using it today to enjoy the features. No ATM Card, no problem. Just your fingerprint and you are there to go with your cash.


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