How To Supply Bread And Make Money.

This is one business you can start without much stress. And if you stay in a city that makes it good. So, I will teach you how to supply bread and make money.

How to supply bread and make money

If you can supply 500 loaves of bread at a profit of #50 each, then you are going to make #25000.00 . Suppose you do that in a day and you do it for 30 days.

That is a whopping #750,000 in a month. And if you can sell more than that. Then you are on your way to making money.

So this is a business to start today.

How to start bread Supply.

You have to look for a brand or you can deal with many brands. Look a bread of nice quality with moderate price that people are willing to buy and or the ones that moves market to buy and supply.


Go To The Bakery.

Go to the bakery and meet the bakery manager to discuss a franchise with him or her. They will be happy to welcome you and will be willing to give you to help them sell as you are opening a new frontier for them.

Look for Retailers.

This is one thing you must not fail to do. The retailers are the bedrock of your business. They are the ones that you supply to. Move with in the city. Then market and get them. Get as many of them. The more you get them, then the more market you have.

You need what use and Supply your bread.

Now if you get your bread from bakery and supply it with transport. It will cost you much and reduce profit. But if can’t afford a Van yet or motorcycle to use and be supplying your bread. Then you have to manage with that.

But if you can afford a vehicle or motorcycle to supply then it makes the work easier and more profitable.

Get a Shop or offload point.

If you can rent a shop, please do but if you can’t then you can get a place or location where you can be offloading and if people know you very well there, then they will be coming to patronize you.

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