How To Start Snail Farming At Home

At the end of the day, this is still one Agricultural business you can start with ease, low capital, less stress and still real 100% profit. And you can start it at home, in your back yard or if you have a small farmland. Even half plot of land is more than enough. And if you have plantain vegetation in such a land. Then you are good to go. In this article I will teach you how to start snail Farming at home. If you have money to get or construct a snail pen, then do. But if you don’t have then get old car tyres and a net or wire guzte to cover the top and this is where you house your snails.


How to start snail farming

The above old tyres can be placed like this and use and rear snails. You can use net or wire guazte to cover the top and use a stone to hold it to avoid them from escaping.

But before then on the floor of the the tyre pour rich clay soil full in nutrient.

You can get good species of snails from the bush or buy from people that have good ones that can haven’t been stressed and can lay eggs.

If possible start with 100 snails. And if all lay up to 100 eggs. You know what you will have. That is about 10000 snails. And sell each of them at maturity for like say #200 each and you are getting #2,000,000.00. Isn’t that awesome?

Sure how to start snail Farming at home is one way to make money quick and is a gradual sure way to riches.

• Foods That You Can Give To Your Snails.

– Mangoes.

– Patotoes.

– Cucumber.








-Lettuce and so on

Foods Not To Give Your Snails- How To Start Snail Farming At Home.

– Don’t give your snails starchy processed food.

– Don’t give it acidic foods like oranges and onions

– No bread and Pasta.

– Also avoid salty food.

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