How To Share Data On Glo Network 2020

Possibly this could be for you. Are you a Glo customer/client who  doesn’t know how to share data but you really want to do that? This is for you. I will show you how to share Data on Glo Network  2020.

How to share data on Glo Network

You can share your data  with your friends, family, spouse, colleague s or a customer that you want to assist to do a work

And you can have other device that you can share your data with.  That is the reason to  learn the steps here.

But before you do this you must know the tarrif plans  of whom you want to share the data with. This is because there are many tarrif plans and their codes differs.

How  To Share Data.

The following steps should be taken to share data.

• Subscribe To  Data Plan.

First of you have to subscribe to data plans. Chose the one that you can afford

Then make sure that the one that you the  can afford  has gifting and data sharing option.


The next step.

You will need to add beneficiary. Just add the loved ones or the friends that you want to share with.

There are two ways that you can add beneficiary. You either do that through dialing a USSD code or sending it through a text message.

Now to add beneficiary using USSD code, dial  12701* beneficiary number and #. An example cis this,  *12701*07030489010#

Then to do that through SMS to 127.  Example is here send  SHARE (BENEFICIARY’S Number) to 127.

Any method that you follow, you will get an SMS confirming that your transaction is successful.

All the same you can still unshare  your data with a particular beneficiary or everyone that you shared with.  In that case you identify the person’s number or numbers  If eventually it is all of them.

And to see all the numbers of your beneficiary’s you , dial  12700# and send  or you can list as a text message to 127.

Those are the above steps to take to gift out to your loved ones. You can always try it out or help us share this post with friends.

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