How To Sell Your Bitcoin With Ease

The Cryptocurrency world is here to stay. And Bitcoin is the number one. Even as there are Cryptocurrencies like Etherum, Ripples, you can deal on. Bitcoin is still king. I will show you how to sell your Bitcoin with ease. With this you can as well sell your other crytoccurrency with ease two.

How to sell your Bitcoin


Bitcoin trading could be lucrative if you know how to go about it And today there are many places you can sell it and make money from it. You can sell to exchangers. You can buy low and sell high

Bitcoin is a digital Cryptocurrencies you can use and buy things online. It can be mined.

Some countries have banned their citizens from using Cryptocurrency. But for some countries it is not prohibited. They are free to trade on it and use it.

How To Sell Your Bitcoin With Ease.

And here are the steps to follow to sell your Bitcoin.

• Get A Bitcoin Wallet.

You need a Bitcoin wallet to start with. Go to Google app store and download the blockchain Bitcoin wallet. Create an account or sign up.

Fund Your Wallet

Fund your wallet with Bitcoin. You can do this by buying Bitcoin from your people who have. From people that are willing to sell in social media. And even from sites like localBitcoin, Luno and so on

Get Buyers.

You can always sell your Bitcoin at any time of the day and anytime. But always buy low and sell how. That is the way you can make money from it.

Here are the sites you can sell it Remitano, Binanace, locacalbitcoins, luno, Kraken, Bittrex, and so on. Some of these websites has has escrow payment. This helps protect you from scam.

Make Research And Review Before You Sell

Now before you ever sell make Research and review. Check the site you want to make the exchange or sell.

You know that new Bitcoin exchange sites are coming up everyday. Their credibility will need to be checked well. And the details of the person you want to sell to.

Sites To Sell Bitcoins

There are websites that are trusted that you can sell to. These sometimes requires less skills. And you can sell in minutes and have the money transferred to to your local currency. That is to your bank account.


This is a trusted company and they are available in many countries of the world. Luno is based in lLondon, United kingdom.

Since 2017, Luno has been there. You can buy or sell. You can store your Bitcoin there. And can even pay directly for goods online from Luno.

The company has millions of users all over the world. This makes it easier to do business of Bitcoin there.

2. Localbitcoins

This company is good also for Bitcoin business. Only that you might not use transfer your money directly from there platform. You need to submit your account number to the buyer.

Then the buyer either makes a transfer or go directly to bank to make a bank deposit.

The mode of receiving payment might not be fast as Luno. And they use escrow payment.

3. Quidax

This site Quidax already has a mobile app on Google play store. This you can download to start trading. It is an African- oriented Cryptocurrency company.

You can trade in other Cryptocurrency like litecoin, Ripples and not only Bitcoin, here. And also Etherum is also available here.

At Quidax you can withdraw your earnings to your local bank account

4. Buycoins.Africa

This company is based in Lagos , Nigeria. One can trade Bitcoin here.

And you can store, buy cryptocurrency They have a peer to peer donation on the platform which is completely free to use.

5. Remittano -How To Sell

At Remittano you can trade on your Cryptocurrencies. The platform is a peer to peer site.

Remittano is open to many countries including, United States of America, Malaysia, China, Nigeria, Vietnam an so on. You can sign up to day and start.

Actually, this is one of the online business you can do everyday. It doesn’t matter who you are. Just learn the basics and you are off to go. By and large it is worth trying in this period of time.

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