How To Save Up To #720000 A Year Comfortably

How to save up to After all said and done will be easy to achieve? That is a good question. If only I will earn more. If only expenses will allow me. I can achieve it. We tell ourselves. I often had this emergency that comes from no where if I save up something. That is what someone said. But we have to be mean in this process. That way we achieve it. I will show you how to save up to #720,000 in a year comfortably.

But before you start savings, you will need to have a business. A profitable Business and that is it.

Now, some people are making thousand a day and some are making millions. But they can’t save. Though people making millions invest it into various other businesses.

And some that makes thousands still invest. This is also good. But we are talking about savings here.

You must have something doing, even if it is Selling recharge card daily or having a snacks shop where you sell snacks, soft drinks, Malt, and alcoholic drinks. And also pure water and table water.

Whatever business you do, you have to deny the impulses that make you spend much. Also hardened your heart to friends and family unnecessary request of money.

How To Save Money.

The way to do it is this way. Make sure your business gives you up to #5000 daily or even above. And if it can’t happen everyday then save it after two days on a weekly basis.

Then open a An Access beta or diamond savings account. Visit any Access bank to open it and they will give you a marketer that will be coming to your shop or office everyday to collect it. I mean that will be coming to collect the #2000.00 everyday.

This will be credited to your account . And here we are talking about one year plan. I am working with 360 days in a year. That is #2000 multiply by 360 days you will get #720,0000 in one year.

Another Way To Do It.

Saving money requires decipline. You can be going to bank at least once in a week and deposit like #14000. Then authorize your bank to debit it once in a week and put it a fixed deposit account.

If your bank do this every week for one year then you will achieve the #720,000 plan.

It is actually not so easy if your business is not doing fine. But finding the correct Businesses to do you will be there.

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