How To Perform Heritage Bank Cardless Withdrawal

Are you a heritage bank customer/client? And do you want to withdraw money but you don’t have your ATM card with you? Maybe you left your ATM card at home, or it got damaged. I will show you how to get your cash without ATM. How to perform Heritage Bank Cardless withdrawal.

How to perform Heritage Bank Cardless withdrawl

In Cardless Withdrawal, you withdraw without an ATM. And Heritage Bank cardless withdrawal is one of the easiest to withdraw money.

It works for quickteller enabled card. So if your card is not quickteller enabled, it will not go through. Hopefully, all Heritage Bank card are quickteller enabled.

How To Withdraw Cash Without ATM Card.

The steps below shows you how to do Heritage Bank Cardless Withdrawal.

• Dial *322*030*8*Amount# for example if you want to withdraw #10000 from the ATM. Dial *322*030*8*10000#.

• Follow the prompt that will appear on your phone.

•A Paycode will be sent to your phone as a text message.

•Proceed to ATM to Withdraw your cash.

Withdraw From ATM- How To Perform Heritage Bank Cardless Withdrawal.

When you get to the ATM machine do this

• Press 0 and follow the prompt command.

• Type in the paycode you generated or was given to you as text message.

• Put your 4 digit PIN.

• Enter the amount that you wish to withdraw.

• Send it and your cash will be dispensed to you.


Does Heritage Bank Do Cardless Withdrawal?

Yes Heritage Bank do. Heritage offer cashless and cardless mobile payment solution.

You may leave your wallet at home and still get cash on the ATM.

What Is Cardless Cash Withdrawal?


This is a service which enables one to transfer cash to a beneficiary who does not have a bank account or for one reason or other decides to receive money without his account.

The payee would need to enter his/her phone number , 4 digits and 6 digits verification codes and the total amount on ATM to get the transaction amount and the cash.

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