How to migrate to USA from Nigeria

How to migrate to USA from Nigeria
How to migrate to USA from Nigeria

How to migrate to USA from Nigeriano

In general, someone who wishes to immigrate to the u. s. must have a petition approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) before applying for an immigrant visa.

The petition is filed either by a professional relative or a possible employer at a USCIS office within the united states.

Specific information about filing immigrant petitions is offered on the USCIS website. A private with an approved petition and a priority date that’s current for processing (when applicable) is eligible to use for an immigrant visa or K nonimmigrant visa.

Petitions in Nigeria

How to migrate to USA from Nigeria

How to migrate to USA from Nigeria

The U.S. Embassy in Abuja doesn’t accept immigrant visa petitions.

The U.S. Consulate General in Lagos processes all immigrant visa applications in Nigeria.

The Immigrant Visa Unit in Lagos accepts I-130 petitions for immediate relative immigrant classification from americans who are resident in Nigeria.

To demonstrate residency, the American citizen petitioner must be able to show permission to reside in Nigeria (e.g. Nigerian Permanent Resident status, an Employment Status, or other permanent status) and must have been resident in Nigeria for a minimum of six months before filing the petition.

Americans who are in Nigeria on temporary status, like students or tourists, don’t meet the residency standard and must file their petitions directly with the domestic united states Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office having jurisdiction over the American citizen’s place of residence.

Your immigration to the USA should be carefully planned.

the most important step of winning a you’ll be wondering what you must bring with you or which documents you would like to translate into English – with our following tips and tricks, you ought to be quite well-prepared!

Preparing to maneuver to the USA

Organize housing or a brief accommodation within the USA


Do you ponder whether it’s possible to maneuver to the USA without having the ability to talk perfect English? properly speaking, there are not any language requirements for entering the USA.

Of course, having the ability to talk and understand English at a particular level is certainly a bonus and can make it easier for you to regulate to life within the USA.

If your English skills need a small amount of labor, it’d be a decent idea to start out practicing before you progress to America.

Which documents do I need?

How to migrate to USA from Nigeria

How to migrate to USA from Nigeria

There some required documents and forms that you just should bring with you after you move to the USA.

it’s vital to bring all documents! it’s advisable to gather all of your documents

Important documents that you just should absolutely bring with you:

  • Personal identification card and your passport are required
  • Get a global credential (issued in English) for yourself and for each member of your family
  • Bring the initial copy of your marriage or divorce certificate(s)
  • If you’re a single mother or father, you must bring your original custody declaration
  • If you have got not yet closed your bank account in your home country, then you must not forget to bring your important bank documents including account number and transfer information
  • Don’t forget to bring your tax records and other important financial documents
    Have your application documents (resume, missive and work recommendations)
  • You should ensure to bring your school transcripts, school and university degrees and any proof of further education with you
  • If you’re still studying or simply recently completed a university degree, you ought to have your credentials evaluated and recognized by an accredited organization
  • Visit your doctor before you go and obtain a global vaccine record for each friend
  • If you have already got employment interview or employment contract, you must not forget to bring these with you
  • if you’ve got a driver’s license, it’s advisable to urge a global driver’s license

Tip: Make quite one copy of all of your documents and pack them in separate boxes. it’s advisable to hold the initial documents with you in your carry-on luggage. You never know if a box or suitcase might wander away during the move.

Moving to America

How to migrate to USA from Nigeria

How to migrate to USA from Nigeria

What should i actually desire the USA?

A well-meaning tip: Separate yourself from your possessions. Most of it’s unnecessary baggage.First of all, there’s lots you’ll provide the USA. Second of all, you must consider every object and give some thought to if bringing it to the USA is actually well worth the trouble.


-Overall: leave your electronic devices reception and buy yourself new ones in the USA.

-Most of your furniture is left further.
Moreover, most bedrooms have walk-in closets. So, you’ll save yourself the time and energy and leave your large wardrobes behind!

-Devices that depend on batteries, like smartphones, laptops and computers may be used delicately within the USA. All you need to do is buy a brand new charger with an American plug.

It is hard to separate yourself from your car, isn’t it? This decision isn’t easy, but also not cheap. leave your cars behind or sell them.


How to migrate to USA from Nigeria

How to migrate to USA from Nigeria

Do you and every one relations have a legitimate passport and visa?
packed the originals and quite one copy?
Have you already sold your apartment/house or found a replacement tenant?
Have you registered your departure with local authorities (if necessary)?
Have you canceled all of your running contracts like, as an example, cell phone, electricity provider, internet or any magazine subscriptions?
Have you informed the financial authorities of your departure (if necessary)?
Have you informed your pension plan of your departure?
Have you informed the post office of your new address?
And lastly: have you ever already booked your flight?

Housing or temporary accommodations
If you do not have any family or friends within the USA with whom you’ll be able to stick with, then it’s advisable to arrange accommodations before you progress to the USA. you will favor to rent or buy an apartment or house before you progress.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to always board a hotel room while you explore for the right place to measure.

Arriving in the US

The following things should be included on your list of things to do:

    • Social Security Card
    • American driver’s license
    • American bank account
    • Credit History
    • Health insurance
    • Pension plan
    • Housing/temporary accommodations

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