How To Migrate To MTN Zone, MTN Zone Codes, SMS, Migrate Fast.

As an MTN subscriber in Nigeria, you might want to opt out of your current tarrift  plan. Then MTN Zone could beideal for you. Intrested? Then I will show you  how to migrate to MTN Zone,MTN Zone Codes, SMS,  migrate fast.

How to migrate to MTN Zone, MTN Zone Codes

What Is MTN Zone?

MTN Zone is a prepaid per second billing  price  plan  that offers up to 100 percent  discounts  on calls and SMS.

Here, MTN offers more  voice calls minute to their MTN subscribers to use and call their loved ones.

How To Migrate To MTN Zone.

You can always enjoy cheap calls rate with MTN Zone.  And here are the codes to do that.

• Registration Code for MTN Zone dial * 135*1#.

•  Plan menu code for MTN Zone *135#

•  Tarrif Plan Code for MTN Zone •135*2#.

• Tarrif  rates for MTN Zone * 135*3#

• Cell broadcast  set up information code for MTN Zone *135*4#

•  Notification off code for MTN Zone *135*6# .

• Notification on code for MTN Zone *135*5#

Different, discount For Calls.

2K/Seconds for calls.

4k/Seconds for Calls.

8K/Seconds for calls .

12K/Seconds for calls.

16K/Seconds for calls.

20K/Seconds for calls.

24K/Seconds for calls and

30K/Seconds for calls.

How To Find out Your Discount On Your Snart Phone.

To display your MTN Zone discount on your phone, you need to do the following.

– Go to text messages settings and create the broadcast service with  50 channels number.

– Put it on and after that you are set to receive the all your discount information. This is according to your network base.

So when a person is about to call someone, he or she sees how much that would be charged per Seconds.  This helps someone to save money on calls.

Steps On How To Migrate From  MTN Better To MTN Zone.

• Dial *135*1# from your currently valid current MTN Number.

•  Turn in the cell broadcasting.

• And if you want to call other networks add *555 to the end of the number while dialing.

 Benefits Of MTN Zone Plan.

Here are the benefits;

• You get amazing discount on MTN to MTN calls.

• Get Notification on calls.

• Happy hour calls – free midnight calls.

• And incredible value added service.

Finally, the above are your way around MTN Zone .You take charge, migrate and enjoy it.

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