How To Migrate To MTN Pulse, Code And Benefits

You might want to try this as an MTN subscriber. And that is if you are not satisfied with the current plan that you are in. I will introduce to you MTN Pulse. How to migrate to MTN Pulse, code and benefits.

How to migrate to MTN Pulse

What is MTN Pulse?

MTN Pulse is our community where we have to express our lifestyle and enjoy prepaid tarrif plan of 11kobo per seconds to laugh, talk and love more.

How To Migrate To MTN Pulse And The Code.

Here are the steps to migrate to MTN Pulse. But you must know that migrating to MTN Pulse is free of charge.

• text 406 to 131. Alternatively, you can do it this way.

• dial *406* 1# or *123*2*2#.

How To Check Your pulse Night balance.

And to come check pulse night balance.

Dial * 559*96#.

How To Deactivate/ unsubscribe Your Pulse balance?

You can leave at anytime. And who said that you can’t. Maybe you just want to go back, maybe unsubscribe or leave MTN Pulse.

Assuming , you are in MTN Tru talk .just dial the migration code for MTN Pulse and begin will see result. It will just migrate to MTN Pulse.

Also, if you want to canceal auto renewal. Just send No to 131. Or text STOP. To 131.

Benefits Of Migrating on MTN Pulse

• For calls across Nigeria, you get 11kobo per secs for calls across local Network.

• You can stream your music at 10kobo per day.

• Also, you get pulse midnight bundle of 250MB. Night life bundle of #25 and 500MB pulse Night life bundle for #50.

You receive special Instagram bundle and data.

• 100% data Business.

• Data bonuses on airtime and so on.

Benefits Of MTN Pulse.


There are lot to benefit here. This includes free airtime, data bonuses and do on.

•They offer free MB for midnight browsing.

• Their tarrif plan is cheap 11 Kobo seconds.

• It can help you to connect to others through their midnight calls.

• They offer free SMS, data and so on.


So the above are how migrate to MTN pulse . I hope you can pick it correctly. Still do help us to share this .

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