How To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk

Are you one of those that use MTN line? This plan is for  you. MTN Beta Talk.  Just as the name implies MTN Beta talk is an excellent tarrif that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of communication without being overcharged. Do you feel that you are spending more or calls, you may need to migrate. I will show you how to migrate to MTN Beta talk. 

How to migrate to MTN Beta talk

This plan has  a beta plan of 200% tarrif and you get  recharge bonus of #100. And you get 3 times the value of your recharge.

When you reach the limit of your calls, internet, SMS, international calls will be updated within 24 naira per minute charge. That is you  will be charged  40k/secs.

If you a subscriber of MTN but your plans are   Zone, TruTalk, MTN ipulse,  xtravalue and do on.

Then you can  still migrate to Beta talk and enjoy of the benefits.

Here are the benefits you enjoy:

Benefits of MTN Beta talk.

• 250%  airtime bonus on every recharge of #100 and above.

• 150% airtime bonus on every recharge of #100  and below.

• Bonuses are valid for 7 days.

• You will get daily 30MB worth of  #60 subscription.

• And the call rate of MTN Beta talk is 42k/sec. SMS is #4/SMS.

How To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk For Free.

The process is very easy . You can migrate by dialing on your phone *123*2*6#. 

Alternatively, you can BT to 131 on a registered MTN line.  

How To Opt Out Of MTN Beta Talk.

Perhaps you are using beta talk and you want to leave it, opt out or canceal and move to another plan. Here is the step. You can still call it deactivation of  MTN Beta Talk.  

• text stop to *131#

• You can also dial *400# you will be redirected to another plan.

• dial *123#  then chose option 2.

• As you are presented with different plans. Then select the one you would like to go for.

Finally, the above are how you can belong or opt out Betts talk. And the unbestable advantages of being part of thrm.


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