How To Migrate To MTN Awfu4u MTN Awfu4u Migration Code

If you are in Nigeria and you know the Nigerian pidgin English, then Awfu stands for bonus, excess, free of charge. And the MTN Awfu4u is about bonus for you. I will show you how to migrate to MTN Awfu4u MTN Awfu4u Migration code.

How to migrate to MTN Awfu4u

How Does The Tarrif Plan Work?

To start using MTN Awfu4u you don’t need any special thing to do. Just when you are loading airtime. Dial it with this code *888*Pin#.

Airtime purchase from #100 and above will give you 400% bonus . While airtime purchase below #100 will give you 275% bonus on airtime.

The bonuses can be listed below.

• If you recharge #100 and above you get 400% bonus  airtime plus the amount recharged. You get #500.00. This bonus will last for 30 days .

• If you recharge between #1-99 you will get 275% bonus airtime  plus the recharge amount. And the bonus is valid for 14 days.

How To Migrate To MTN Awfu4u.

To do this you have to use this format to recharge. Dial *888*Pin#.  The pin is your airtime voucher number.

Anytime you want to enjoy the MTN Awfu4u  you have to use the above format.

And also note that you can’t migrate when you use VTU or direct top up from your bank to recharge.

MTN Awfu4u Call Rate.

Charges for national calls


Then international calls to 13 destinations.


• Australia.










•South Korea.

•United Kingdom and

•United States.

And SMS cost #4.10k.

How To Check Your  MTN Awfu4u Balance.

• dial *141# If you want to get information regarding your airtime, SMS and Data Balance.

• Dial *141# If you want to find out your summary balance.

• *141*1# If you want to find out more details about your balance, then dial this.

• And if you want to check the bonus cost on your account, then dial *559*14#. This is a special MTN Awfu4u code to check balance.

The above are what you can  do to enjoy the Awfu on MTN. You can help to share this information.

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