How TO Migrate To Glo Oga Sim 2020

As a Globacom subscriber in Nigeria you might need to do this. And that is migrating to tarrif plan that can suit you at a particular time. And you can still decide to be in one plan if you like and enjoy it. Now if you are not happy with your current tarrif plan .Then follow me as I show you how to migrate To Glo Oga Sim 2020, effortlessly.


How to migrate to Glo Oga Sim

Now I have to let you know this, you only need to get the Glo Oga Sim or if you haven’t migrated on your current tarrif plan for three months. Then you can migrate from there- your current sim to Oga Sim.

What Is Glo Oga Sim.

It is a newly introduced sim to offer you benefits each time you recharge or buy data. And you get 125% of the data you bought.

How To Subscribe

Go in to Glo office or any outlet selling Glo Sim ask for Glo Oga Sim card. Buy it and register too. And start enjoying it.

And then for existing customer you can migrate if you haven’t migrated on your old/current plan for about three months.

Again if you have old sim card dormant for three months. You can dust it and insert it on your phone to be automatically activated for the plan. This is because there is no current code for you to use and migrate to this plan.


From Glo Yakata To Oga Sim.

As I said earlier use your old formant sim card to start enjoying or rather get a new sim card, register it and enjoy the data Or just move from Glo Yakata to it.

• Dial *777#

•Select option menu.

Subscribe Glo Oga Sim

•Dial *777#

• Select buy data.

• Buy data 3G or 4G. This depends on your consumption of data.


Upgrade Your Glo Sim.

• Swap your current Sim for a USIM.

• Text 4G to 200.

• You will receive an SMS to check if your phone or device support LTE. If it supports it, then you are good to go.

How To Activate Your Glo Sim Card.

• Insert your Glo Sim card new or old inside a phone. You need not have money on the phone.

• Dial *170*12# to activate your line for free call.

• You may receive error message.

• Then you are good to go. You can call any network free for it is activated.

Reactivate Your Old Glo Sim Card

• Remove the Sim card from the phone.

• Then write down the numbers that are printed on the Sim card.

• contact your wireless provider to activate the Sim card.

• Give the IMEI number and the Sim card number to your customer service agent.

•Put the Sim card back in the phone and put the battery and cover. It is reactivated.


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