How To Migrate To Canada From Nigeria


This has been the dream and desires of some Nigerians. They want to go abroad and stay permenantly. And to some, their desired destination is Canada. Let me walk you through the processes. I will show you how to migrate to Canada from Nigeria.

How to migrate to Canada

There are reasons people or Nigerians wants to go to Canada. Such things includes;

• Seeking for greener pastures.

•Getting a job or better job than what they have in Nigeria.

• Earning hard currency.

• Better health facility and other good infrastructure.

•Good standard of living.

•Nice security, protection of lives and properties and so on.

• And to get quality education.

• People can go to Canada for business, contract work, family reunion .

All of the above and more can be said about relocating to Canada.

Now, no matter what you are going to Canada for. There are legal ways on how to migrate to Canada from Nigeria and they include:

Relocate To Canada Through Federal Skilled Work.

Federal Skilled Work is an immigration Program offered by the Canadian government to welcome foreigners into Canada as a permanent resident.

Here applicants are selected based on age, education, work experience and proof of English as a second language.

And if you can score 67% in the English proficiency, then you can qualify. The good thing about this, is that you can test yourself to know if you can qualify before you invest your money to process it.

Apply For A Canadian Work Permit- How To Migrate To Canada.

And hopefully you can do this if you really have the dream of moving to Canada.

You can personally apply for job. How do you do this? To apply is the best thing. This is because moving to Canada through work is one the easiest way to do.

According to about 300,000 foreign workers come to Canada to work yearly. This is on temporary work permit.

Work permit Visa is easier when compared to normal or tourist visa. Now, normal and tourist visa go through tougher scrutiny.

Though getting an employment letter from a Canadian company is tough but if you ever get it, then your Visa is guranteed. So the work is in getting the letter.

And you can apply for job in Canada by sending your resume to Canadian company. One of them or some might contact you .

Then they will arrange for interview for you through Skype. If your interview is successful then you will get an employment contract which you will use to go for temporary work permit. Here are the steps to use and apply for work permit.

•Secure a job by applying for a job in Canada through LinkedIn, Indeed, canadajobs and so on.


• Employer applies for labour Market assessment impact then if successful then,

• Employer sends employment letter.

•Then you can apply for temporary work permit in Canadian Embassy in Nigeria.

•Your work permit is issued.


Study In Canada And Get Permenant Resident.

When you travel to Canada for study or international student then getting a permanent stay is easy.

And here even getting citizenship is easy too.

Upload completing your studies their are various programs which allow international student to apply for residency.

And now this is the pathway from student Visa to Canadian Permenant resident.

• Get a study visa from a school in Canada and a course of your choice. Use the admission letter to secure a student Visa.

• Work up to 20 hours a week during academic session or work full time when school is not on session.

•Bring in your Spouse through a Canadian government program called – Open full time work permit. Your spouse may work full time without restriction.

• Get your Post graduate work permit after graduation . Then you are entitled to work permit for the number of years of study in Canada.

This means that if you study in Canada for four years, then you are entitled to fours years of work. And this us to get what we call the Canada Experience. Then you can use this to apply for residency.


• Get your residency through the Canadian Experience Class- CEC. The Canadian work experience you have gained after study gives you this.

The above are the successful steps you can take towards achieving your dreams of migrating to Canada.




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