How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect 2020

Are you finding it difficult to do this as an Airtel subscriber. In the next few lines I will do that. I will show you how to migrate to Airtel smart connect 2020.

How to Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect


The Airtel smart connect is one tarrif plan to that come to a customer on the purchase of a new Airtel Sim card. It comes by default.

And it offers bonuses that covers both voice calls and data. For the first three months of using this tarrif plan you will enjoy 100 percent data bonus at the end of the month. This is based on your recharges for the month.

How Does The Airtel Smart Connect Work?

Airtel smart connect gives 700 percent bonus to its subscribers. This is on every recharge that mounts x8 of your recharge, which includes main balance, balance voice, bonus data, bonus social, bonus family and friends.

And this is what you will get if you recharge #100

Get #100 main bonus

#250 voice bonus.

Again #250 data bonus.

#100 social bonus and

Also #100 Family and friends bonus.

The offer is valid for 3 months- first 90 days. Then after subscribers can still enjoy 6x bonuses on recharge.

Benefits Of Airtel Smart Connect – How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect.

Here are the benefits;

• Get double of your bonuses of your recharge.

• You can add up to 10 familt and friends.

• Dara bonuses at the end of the month based on your recharges are given to you.


How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect- How To Activate Airtel Smart Connect.

If you really need this tarrif plan, then just go ahead and purchase an Airtel line.

Slot it inside your phone and recharge with this code *126*pin#.

With this you can enjoy the tarrif plan. Also you can check your balance by dialing *123#.

With this plan you can enjoy 8 times the value of your recharge and every bonus expires after 7 days.

How To Add A Number To Family And Friends.

Simply dial the below codes to add a number to family and friends.

• *311*2*Airtel Number# to register number.

*311*3*Airtel Number # to delete number.


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