How To Make Money Through Maggot Farming

Maybe you haven’t heard of this? But this is true and possible. The thing is that the development is still coming to Nigeria. But in South Africa it is moving already. You can actually farm on maggots, sell it to fellow farmers and make money. I can tell you that as the training is going on. This article is all about how to make money through Maggot Farming.

How to make money through Maggot FarmingNow this is to replace or add the poultry feed that are costing much to produce. And also to reserve fishes that could go into extinction if it is continued used to produce poultry feed.

Maggot will serve as feed to poultry birds and animals. It will reduce the cost of feed as earlier said.

How To Make Money Through Maggot Farming

To start a Maggot farm one will need to undergo training and invest about #35000-#40000. And the training could be online or offline. And you are sure to reap millions.

And this maggots are gotten from female flies which lays about 500 eggs. The replication is awesome. And even when seeing maggots on decaying food is an eyesore. It could be far more protenious to poultry birds and farm animals like pigs.


It is usually odourless when produced and can be dried and packed in bags and sold.

Maggots when used as feed will offer more protein to poultry birds and animals than the normal feed. It nourish es their body more and makes them grow faster than when a normal feed made from fish and soyabean is used.

And Maggots are the stages of development of an insect and not in anyway harmful, even to the ecosystem.

So, rearing it is quite simple. It could be dried and sold in bags. If one can get 10 bags and sell it at #2500. You will make profit. And even as you continue producing and selling.

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