How To Make Money Selling Waste Carton Papers

Anyone can do this, as long as you are the hustling type. And you stay in major cities in Nigeria. Then no cause for alarm. You can do this business, part time or full time. I will teach you how to make money selling waste carton papers.

How to make money selling waste carton papers

You might need little capital start. And grow. And you can start with huge capital and still grow fast. But whichever way, it is a business to do

Requirements For The Business.

• Spring balance at least up to 100kg for a start for weighing the cartons.

• A strong thread for tying the spring balance.

• If possible, a vehicle if you can afford but if you can’t then you transport your waste cartons when you get in large quantity. Here I mean paying local transport to convey you and your goods to the recycling company.

• Collection Center. This could be a shop, ware house, not necessarily decorated. You receive waste cartons or buy at cheap rate per Kg. So that you sell at a higher rate to the recycling company.

Alternatively, you can go about and get your waste cartons from markets that deal on provisions.

How To Source For Your Waste Cartons- How To Make Money Selling Waste.

• You can get it from Companies that produce or package with cartons

•From stores that sells provisions and dispose it all the time.

•And from Market places where they dispose Cartons steady.

•From individuals that brings to you to buy.

• Refuse disposal where you will get some that are thrown away.

Transportation To Recycling Company.

As I said earlier, if you don’t have your own vehicle to convey your waste paper. Then you pay transporters. I mean commercial vehicles then they move it to the company

Their and then it will be weighed and collected. And you will be payed.


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