How TO Make Money Selling Photos On Shutterstock

Do you know that if you are crafty, create and design, you can make money without further effort. And if you can take a good Photos and Videos and edit it very well. Then you are in the right place. I will show you how to make money selling photos on Shutterstock.

How to make money selling photo

This I’d on online business that do not require much to start. You will need to have a camera and be able to edit photos and videos.

What Is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is an American company that provides stock photography, stock footage, stock music and editing tools. Its headquarter is in New York City. They were a subscription company before they extended in 2008.

What Kind Of Photo Can I sell In Shutterstock? How To Make Money.

• Pastel colours.

•Powerful Woman.

•Clean patterns.

• Colour gels.

• Cultural diversity.

•Minimalistic composition.

•Authentic lifestyles.

Things That Best Selling Photos Have In Common – How To Make Money.

• Single photos sell better than group photos

• Looking away from the Camera is better than looking at the Camera.

• Unidentified subjects sell better.

•Candid photo sell better than posed photo.

•Wide shots sell better than closeup.

•Most best sellers are sold at dawn or dusk.

• Generally images with people sell more.

How Many Photos or Images Can I upload?

You can upload as many photo as you want but as a starter/contributor you will need to upload 10 photos. Your best 10 photos.

If 7 out of your 10 photos are accepted then you will be notified that you are accepted and you start uploading photos.

If anyone downloads your photos you make some money. And if a volume of your photo are downloaded. Then you make a lot

How To Make Money Selling Photos On Shutterstock.

You will first of all need to register or download their app in Google play store . Then sign up and activate your account through your email.

You can register here.

Submit your correct information and verify your email address to start uploading photos

Earning Money Through Shutterstock Referral Program.

This is another means of getting huge money here. At Shutterstock you can earn referral commission per customer or contributor that you refer.

You can earn 20% of the person’s first payment. This could be up to $200.

So you can use your social media to include your referral link. Also if you have a blog, just write about Shutterstock and include your link. You could be surprised at how you will get refferals.

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