How To Make Money Selling Charcoal

If you are looking for business to do and make money. There is a simple one you can do. But it all depends on your location, and city. Charcoal business moves very fine in Abuja. But if you can look very well and master your city then you can make it anywhere. Let me show you how to make money selling Charcoal.

How to make money selling Charcoal

It is a thriving business that if done on a large scale can fetch a lot of money.

Like if one can go into exportation of charcoal. It will pay the person a great deal.

Now people use it to cook various foods and even abroad it is used as a heater in rooms in very cold regions.

How To Start The Business.

It all depends on if you want to start on a large scale or low scale.

To start on a low scale, you might need a capital of #20,000 to #30,000. And a bag of Charcoal cost about #1200 to #1500.

There are supplies, who will bring it for you if you want to buy. What you need to do is to retail it.

Get small nylon and tie it into small packs of #50 and#100. And you can even make a profit of #1000 to #1200 a bag. You can even get more.

And now it depends on how many bags that tie and you were able to sell in a day.

Then if you are to sell in bags, then you will need capital of #100,000. If you have like 30 to 40 bags. You can be selling it #1700 to #1800. Some people can even sell more than that.

Assuming, you are using #200 to sell one bag. And you sell 30 bags in a day. Then you are making up #6000 in a day. Isn’t that good?

Though if you want to start this business you go for little training. It has different types. You know when it is scarce and when it is everywhere. And you know what it doesn’t go well with.

But it is a business worth doing.

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