How To Make Money Online With Opaybinary

Are you looking for a way to make money online? The one that you will start and earn immediately. I mean you will start earning some fraction of your money. Then you are in the right place. This one works like a fixed deposit but better than it. In the sense that it pays better higher interest rate but both of them have your money working for you. Then I will show you the latest. How To make money online with opaybinary. Get the full gist here. You will need to also know if Opaybinary is legit or scam.

How to make money online

What Is Opaybinary?

Opaybinary is an online group of experts binary and forex traders and investors Who pull money together to trade in financial market.

They offer 2.2% compound interest daily on a member investment and 20% refferal bonus.

There are things to note about Opaybinary.

• It is not a Ponzi scheme.

•Opaybinary is not HYIIP.

• They are not MLM company.

•The money is made by investing in Binary and trading in forex.

Frequently Asked Questions about Opaybinary- FAQ – How To Make Money Online

1. Do I need to refer people I earn?


2. And do I need to log in everyday to earn?

The answer is No

3. Now, do I need to earn on both my capital and my interest after the 24 hours trade?


4. How long will this business last?

As long as binary and forex is going on.

5. Are you sure I don’t need to refer anyone before I earn?

The answer is absolutely yes.

6. When can I withdraw my money?

Well you can do that at anytime, any day. But it is advisiable to leave it till 30 days to give you the maximum profit.

7.How can I make an Investment Or Deposit?

You can make a deposit via Opay account/wallet or Opay app.

8. Why do they use Opay?

To minimize charges which may arise upon using a bank account.

9. Is Opaybinary not a scam?

No people are getting paid every time As at this time. They are legit. Though a new thing is always in doubt but you got to try them. Just maybe try with your spare money. You will surely be paid.

Opaybinary Profit Calculation- How To Make Money Online.

•Here the profit you will make depends on how much you invested. The more you invest, then the more you earn. And the more you leave your money on their system then you earn more. This is so because the system compounds interest.

• The minimum amount you can invest is #10000.00 and the maximum amount to invest is #100000.00.

• Every deposit you make on the system attracts a 30% charge. But you are not charged on withdrawals.

• The 30% charge on your deposit is used for tax purposes and system maintenance.

•If you fund your account with #10000.00. The value you will receive is #7000.

• And if you calculate 2.2% of #7000.00 it will be #14000.00. Then if you leave it for the next 30 days. It will give you #28000.00. The more you leave your money the more you get. And you can withdraw at any time.

• For reffering someone, you get a refferals bonus of 20%. This is an example, If you refer someone who invested #100,000.00. Then you will get #20,000.00 which is the referral bonus of 20%. And if you leave your referral bonus, then you earn money on it. You can still withdraw your refferal bonus immedaiately or at anytime.


How To Register On Opaybinary.

First of all go to Google play store and download the Opay app. Install and register.

Open an account on the app. Remember your account number is your phone number on Opay. Simply remove the first zero of your phone number.

Then you get your account number. That is Nuban -10 digits number.

To enter the Opaybinary website and sign up visit it here.


Click on sign up button and register.

Fill in the sign up form. And note that your Opay account number is your phone number excluding the first zero of your account number.

Submit the form and you will be registered immediately.

Then log in and fund your account through your Opay account. After some minutes that money you funded will be in your account.

You will log in everyday if you wish. But you will notice that 2.2% of your investment will be dropping in your account.

Update on Opaybinary.

Recently, Opaybinary has migrated to Etherum payment. You might not use Opay wallet as a means of payment or withdrawal.

Go to Luno and download and install the app. Also register and update your BVN.

Then go to Etherum and create a wallet address. Then copy the Etherum wallet address and update it in your Opaybinary wallet dashboard.

With this you can add funds and withdraw funds to your Etherum wallet in your Luno app. Then with that you can eithwith to your local bank account and collect your cash





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