How To Make Money Doing Agricultural Cultivaion Without Your Own Land

And today no body will say that Agricultural is not good. The government of any country is in suppprs of it. Even Nigerian government are dishing out loans through banks, Agricultural firms to support  it. You can use it and feed the nation. In Agriculture you can venture into  cultivation or livestock. But our topic  here is into cultivation. I will show you how to make money doing Agricultural cultivation without your own land.

Are you looking for a second  source of income. Do you need a full time job that can make you thousands or even millions. The solution is here. You don’t need to have the whole money. With as little as #25000. only. You can start your own little farm and grow in years to come.

Make money doing Agricultural cultivation


You start with one plot of land or even five or ten. You can even start with an acre of land  And even hectare of land as long you see the person that is ready to lease out to you.

But our focus today should be on one plot of land with little capital for people that don’t have enough capital.

This is the way to make money doing Agricultural cultivation without your own land.

First and foremost get some one to lease you a farm land. This depends on if you are staying in the city or village. If you are in the village . This is very easy to get and cheap too. Some people can give a land to use for one year for free or charge you #2000.00 only. But if you are in a city, then you will look for an area that is not well developed for farm land. They can charge you #4000 or #5000 to lease you a land for one year.

You can still renew your payment after one year if your farming is profitable. And definitely it will be if you do the right things. If you don’t have much exprrexper hire someone for little assistance and teachings for as low as #3000. 00 a year.

That way you don’t have a land and you got through leasing to fulfil your dream.

What  To Cultivate To Earn Morney Every Two Weeks.

And what will fetch you money after eight months.

The two things are ugu and cassava.

First clear the land or get people to help with the clearing.

Make ridges on the land. And plant the Ugu seed. Three seed per ridge

Allow for two weeks to three weeks to germinate. Then start harvesting by cutting from   the upper part to sell.

And you can apply fertilizer or chicken droppings/feaces on the land.

Then every two weeks go to your farm, cut part of the Ugu and sell. More will be germinating.

What you will do next is to plant cassava stem on the same ridges with the Ugu.

Though cassava takes time to harvest. It takes about six, eight months to one year to harvest.

After maturity you can still sell it for good money in the market.


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