How To Make Money Buying And Selling Gift Cards

It is one of those things to make money online. And Gift cards is one of them. Maybe you are looking for side hustle, part-time business, you can do this one. It’s not time consuming. I will show you how to make money selling Gift Cards.

How to make money



What Are Gift Cards

Gift cards are prepared stored value money card. It is usually issued by a retailer or Bank to be used as alternative to cash in purchases.

Gift Cards can also be called Gift certificate, Gift Voucher or Gift token.


You can find gift cards in many places. You can get it in groceries stores, electronic stores, bookstores, and departmental stores.

Today, small and big businesses are offering gift cards. So it is easy to get it, these days.

To start selling gift cards there are things to consider. You have to buy low and sell high.

Holiday and special gift cards are usually the top choices.

And it is easy to get or buy gift cards from business owners. This is because they are more focused on selling to get more customers.

Also, you can get some sites that buy gift cards and sell to them.

You have look for websites where you can Gift cards at low or discount prices and sell high. But not too high here.

Sites like coincola can do that for you. But coincola buys with cryptocurrency.


Here are where you get Gift cards, iTunes cards, Amazon cards, Steam cards, Walmart cards and so on. You can buy a gift card and sell it.

Challenges of Selling Gift Cards

It could be hard to trust some people who buys the Gift card from you. Or even people who sell to you. They might be scammers. So always deal with a trusted sites.

Again the rate on sales. You can’t get a 100% profit in your sales of Gift Cards. Sometimes it can happen. But it is not always true. But I bet you will definitely make a profit that is very good.


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