How To Make Millions Planting Pepper And Selling It

How to make millions planting pepper

There is no way you can cook food without pepper. Pepper is consumed world wide. It’s appealing aroma, sound and refreshing taste , makes it irresistible. And you know it is consumed everyday. There are different kinds of pepper, the sweet, chill, cayenne, habanero and so on. Now these pepper are in hot demand. And you can make it if you venture into it’s farming. After reading this article you will learn how to make millions planting pepper and selling it.

How to make millions planting pepper



This is Agricultural business. There are often this to consider before you start. You have to think of land and finance.

And often times we want to start big. This is good if you can get a bank loan or loan from friends and family. But it is advisiable to start with your own money.

So start small, with your personal savings if you are financial constraint. You can rent a land and plant And you can renew it, depending on the number of year you paid for it

How To Make Millions Planting Pepper

To make it big in pepper farming. You must be ready to invest. Here get someone that have the knowledge to assist you on the course of the farming. Or rather get trained on it before you start.

Get A Good Farmland

Here getting a good Farmland will help a lot. If the land that you are going to cultivate is fertile, it will go a long way to reduce the cost of farm inputs such as manure, fertilizer and other preventive input for disease control.

Soil And Water Analysis.

You need to check the soil and the water of the Farmland you want to cultivate.

The microbial content, the pH and the nutrient level of the soil and water will be checked This will help you to know the kind of fertilizer you will apply on the Farmland.

Recurit Workers/Labourers

Farming of Pepper is not something you can do alone. You will need to get workers/labourers to assist you. It will make the whole work easier. Labourers don’t charge much often times.

Soil Preparation – How To Make Millions Planting Pepper

Let your labourers assist you do the work.

Remove weeds, unwanted trees from your farmland.

Depending on the one you want, harrow,plough, rigde it. And if the soil is poor, add manure, or compost or fertilizer.

It all depends on you. You can go organic by adding manure, microbial inoculant, humates like fluvic acid and humic acid.

Install Drip Irrigation

You need to be irrigating your pepper farmland. Do install Drip Irrigation . First of all dung a bore hole on your farmland.

Under here you through pipe you pass water and nutrient to the base of your plant.

This can increase the yield of your pepper from 40% to 200%.

Have Your Farm Inputs

Get farm inputs like fertilizer, manure, pesticides, knapsack sprayer or power sprayer.seeds- hybrid or open pollinated, hoe and cutlasses, weeders.

Taking Good Care Of Your Pepper

You must ensure you follow strict pedticde regime. Prevention is usually better than cure. Make sure you control pest before they start damaging your pepper.

How To Make Millions Planting Pepper And Selling It.


Here you harvest and market. You harvest your pepper after three months, and you comtinue harvesting till the next six months.

The demand for pepper is high. You can supply to restaurant and hotels. You can sell to open market. These markets could be with your town or outside your town.

There are wholesalers who are will to help you sell no matter the quantity of the pepper. They only take their commission per basket or bag.

So if you can cultivate pepper in an acre of land, then you are on your way to millions.



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