How To Make Hand Sanitizer On Your Own

Do you care about hygiene? In this period of the Coronavirus Pandemic, it should come into mind. Though we are supposed to always keep our hands clean by washing it with soap and water every seconds and minutes. And even after the Pandemic we should form the habit of keeping our hands neat. So a hand sanitizer is a must have. But buying it from a store could always be expensive. That means sometimes we prepare it. After reading this article I will show you how to make hand sanitizer on your own.

How to make hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer


Ingredients Required To Make Hand Sanitizer

The ingredients required are not many here. They are:

• Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol about 99% alcohol volume.

• aloe Vera gel

• an essential oil such as tea tree oil, or lavendar oil or lemon juice.


How To Make Hand Sanitizer

The key to make hand sanitizer that will be effective in killing germs is to make the proportion of 2:1 ratio of alcohol to aloe vera. That way the alcohol is 60 percent and it will be effective to kill germs.

Now the hand sanitizer formula are these,

• 2 parts of Isopropyl alcohol or ethanol.

• 1 part aloe vera gel.

• a few drop of clove, eucalyptus, peppermint or other essential oil

How To Mix It

If you are making it at home. Make it in a neat place.

Wipe countertops with diluted bleach solution.

Wash your hand thoroughly before preparing the hand sanitizer.

Use a clean spoon and a whisk to mix but before mixing wash the spoon and the whisky thoroughly.

Do not dilute the alcohol used for the hand sanitizer.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly untill they are well blended.

Don’t the mixture with your hands until they are ready to use.

If you want to prepare hand sanitizer in large quantity, the world health organization WHO has there standard and a formula.

WHO formula For hand Sanitizer

•Isopropyl alcohol or ethanol

• hydrogen peroxide

• glycerol.

• sterile distilled or boiled cold water.


The above are the ingredients from WHO to make Sanitizer.

Are the ingredients Safe?

It all depends on who makes it. But the preparation needs expertise. Lack of knowledge from the preparation could lead to ,

•Skin irritation, burns

• the sanitizer might not eliminate or kill the organism in the palms.

• exposure to hazardous chemicals through inhalation.

Improper use of home made hand sanitizer by children could lead to injury.

How To Use It

You need to rub it into your hands until your hands are dry.

If your hands are dirty or greasy wash first before applying it.

Apply it on one palm.

Then rub your two hands together thoroughly to cover your palms and fingers very well.

Continue rubbing for 30 – 60 seconds. This is because it takes sanitizer up to 60 seconds before it kills germs.

This is an effective way of using it.



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