How To Make Electricity With Magnet 2020

Everyone needs electricity. But people in the developed countries may not be interested in this. Exerpt industrially in getting huge Generators and other personal knowledge to sell to countries suffering eplieptic power supply. And some African countries like Nigeria comes in here. Electricity is expensive and very scarce. You don’t have it when you need it. This makes people to go by touch light all the night. But I will show you how to make Electricity with magnet 2020.

How To make Electricity with magnet

When a conductor is placed in a changing magnetic field , the electrons in the conductor move  to generate electric current.

Magnets produce  such magnetic fields and can be used in various configuration to generate electricity.

And most of the electricity generated  comes from Generators that  use magnetic fields to generate electricity.

A rotating generator has Magnet placed at different parts or location of it’s body that can help it to generate electricity.

How To  Make Electricity With Magnet.

Attach the  ends of one of the two wires  to the two contacts of the ammeter.

Then wave the magnet over a wire . The ammeter should register both positive and negative current as you wave it both backwards and forth.

Make the circuit more complex like an AC generator by attaching the two wires to the two ammeter contact.

And also attach the available ends of the wire  to the opposite end of the metail coil. Use a coil larger than the magnet so that the magnet can fit in.

Insert the rodlike magnet  into the coil and take it back out again. And as you do this several times the ammeter needle should bounce back and forth .

As it does this it records current in positive and negative direction.

Things You Need To Set Up This Electricity.

• two wire

•metal coil.

• Magnet- rod like is preferable.

• Ammeter.

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