How To Make 1 Million Naira With Luno

Are you a lover of Cryptocurrency? The likes of Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripples and so on. Cryto has come to stay as many sites accepts it as a model of payment. You can as well trade on it or exchange it to make money. There are wallets companies like blockchain, coinbase, luno, local Bitcoin you can buy and keep and even exchange it when the price goes up. There are many ways you can make money from it. But I will show you how to make 1 million Naira with Luno.

            Who Is Luno

Luno is a Bitcoin related company. It’s headquarters is situated in London United  kingdom. Luno facilitates Cryptocurrency transaction like, buying, selling,exchange. And even storage. One can pay from his or her Luno wallet. Also Luno can exchange Bitcoin to your local currency and pay your bank account.

Luno is available in over 40 countries of the world where Nigeria is among. And they have over 3.5million users.


How to make 1 Million Naira With Luno


How to make 1 million




Is Luno Safe To Invest

Luno is safe as workers don’t have access to customers/clients money. Besides you can trust them with your banking details and BVN.

How To Make 1 Million Naira With Luno

First and foremost you have to be a member. Just sign up on their website. Or  preferably download the luno app in Google play store.

Register with  correct email, phone number and update your BVN.

Now, when you are done with that, you can fund your Luno wallet with amount as low as #300.00 Yes I mean three hundred Naira only. But I will advice that if you really want to make money here. Fund your wallet with #5000.00 five thousand naira and above.

I said this because any meanful business you want to do. You can’t start it with #300. Just invest #5000. The money is still your money

You use it and buy Bitcoin. It can up or down. But you can store it and if it goes up you sell it. Now my teachings today is not how to earn by buy or selling, or even through exchange.

How To Make 1 million Naira Money With Luno Through Refferal

As I said earlier register and fund your wallet with #5000. That is the way to start. Get or refer 4000 people with your referral code or link.

Luno will pay you #250 each or #250 worth of Bitcoins. These 4000 people will have to register and #5000 ,only to their wallet. They will use it and buy Bitcoin.

Then multiple #250 by 4000 people. That will give you #1000000. One million for you .That is the way you will earn it.

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