How To Increase The Chances Of Conceiving Twin Boys

Discover these steps if you really want to have kids. How to increase the chances of conceiving twins boys.

How to increase the chances of conceiving twins boys

I will show you how to increase the chances of conceiving twin baby boys in this article.

Below are the steps to take to conceive twin boys.

How It Works – how to increase the chances of conceiving twins.

• Have sex on the first day of your ovulation period. This is important as the number one true step. The male xy chromosome is very fast in motility but can die maybe after 24 hours. While the female chromosome xx is slow in motility and can die after 3 days.

So, the faster you had sex just on the first day of your ovulation, the xy chromosome moves fast to fertilize the ovum.

• Be of African American heritage. This is another way you can achieve this, hereditory wise.

• A taller woman have higher chances. This is based on Research. Higher women have higher chances of getting twins than a shorter woman. But I never mean that a short woman can’t have twins.

•If you had had a baby before, it becomes easier. You can easily have twins then.

• Having a large family also helps.

• When you had an older baby and you keep breastfeeding the baby even when you are meant to stop. It will help you to have twins.


• Consuming yam and sweet potatos will also go a long way.

• Taking folic acid will do the magic.

• Consider taking feritilty supplements and drugs. This is in 90 percent chance of making this possible.

• Being Fuller has a way of adding to it. There is a little weight you might have it will not help it but if your weight is good enough you can conceive twins.

•An older woman has more chances of getting a twins.

• If you have fertilization assistance like invitro fertilization.

• Does twins run in your family, any history of twins in your lineage could also increase your chances.

And these are the steps you can take to have your twins. If you feel this information is helpful you can help us to share it.

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