How To Get MTN 1GB At #350 2020

The future is bright here .This is  because you get it cheap  rate to do all you want to  on he internet. You can download music and videos. Also research for project materials. Maybe just do heavy internet job with it. And I best that you will enjoy it.  I will show you how to get MTN 1GB for for #350 only.

How to get MTN 1GB

MTN offers a top notch internet speed in Nigeria. And they have this plan that  offers huge data at a very cheap rate.

Here, you get this at #350 not at #1000.00. You use it to surf the net, download and many more things.

How Does This Tarrif Plan Work?

This plan offers users with 1GB at #350.  And that is  true. But before you start subscribing to this plan, there are certain things you must do. They include;

• To get this plan, you must have an airtime of upto #350 in your account balance.

•You will be given a data of 1GB that has a duration of 24 hours.

• The Data will expire after 24hours.

• Doesn’t roll over – the data.

How To Get MTN 1GB At  #350

To subscribe to this data plan, you only need to dial a simple code.

• Dial *131#.

• Go for Data plans.

•Select daily data plans.

•Check for #350 I GB data and select it

• Your account balance will be debited and you will have your data.

Alternatively, you can send or text 151 to 131 to activate the plan.


• The data is relatively cheap.

•  Volume of the data is huge, with data you got to do more, even download of videos which will cost more MB.

• And very  easy to activate and use.


•It doesn’t last long. Only 24 hours. Unlike the 1GB that last for a month. And you know it that within a twinkle of an eye, a day is gone.

•The plan doesn’t roll over. In case you didn’t exhaust your data with the 24 hours, then it is gone. No rollover of data.

I think with the above mentioned steps. You can enjoy this offer.  But one thing you have to know is this. Use only when you want to consume a lot of data for a short while.

You see what I mean here is this, if you want to do a lot of video downloads or uploads for a whole day. And also a lot of app uploads and installations. This plan will help a great deal.


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