How To Get Loan From Palmcredit 2020

As the case maybe, you might run out of money in your daily lives. It happens to some people. And quick credit is what you will resort to.  It is better than going to a friend, family or relative who might turn you down. Once you are a salary earner or have a business doing, don’t look elsewhere than Palmcredit. I will discuss on this article on how to get a loan from Palmcredit 2020.

How to get loan


Palmcredit is an online company platform that gives loan, credit to individuals and businesses.

It is a Nigerian company owned by Transsnet Finacial Nigerian Limited. They give loans to Nigerians at low interest rate. And their loans are disbursed in 5 minutes  The only you have to do is to make sure that you meet their terms and conditions.

And to apply for Palm Credit loan just go to Google play store and download their app. Then sign up/register . Submit correct information including your BVN. Also verify your phone and apply.

Palmcredit Loan Requirement.

1. Full name.

2. Bank Verification Number – BVN.

3. Correct Phone number.

4. Bank account details.

5. Occupation information.

How To Get Loan From Palmcredit

To get loan from Palmcredit follow the below steps.

Install The App On Your Phone.

Visit Google play store and  download the  Palmcredit app. Then install it on your phone. And that is the only way you can get the loan, only through their app.


Give accurate information while registering. Fill out all options that are mandatory.

Apply For Loan.

When you finish registering, you can go ahead and apply for it. The option is available there.

Get Approval.

Once you input correct information nothing stops you from getting approval.

Get Loan

Once it is approved you can recieve your money. Then send it to your bank account and use it for the purpose that made you apply for it.

How Much Loan Can I Get From Palm Credit?

You can access up to #100,000. from Palmcredit. This is instant. And on the app you can adjust the maximum amount.

Palmcredit Interest Rate And Fees

They don’t charge  origination fee, transaction fee or rollover fee. Their interest rate is  between 14-24%, equivalent monthly rate of 4.6%. The annual percentage rate APR is 56.78%.

Palmcredit Loan Repayment.

Paying back is very simple. Just log into your app and click on pay back loan. You can select how much you want to pay back.

And you can as well pay back directly to Palmcredit account number. But before you do that you will need to contact their customer care.

The Tenure For The Credit.

The time at which you can hold their money is 180 days. That is six months.

It ranges from 14 to 180 days

Palmcredit Contact Customer Number.

Their contact customer number is 017001000.

Palmcredit App.

You can always get their app in Google play store.

 Contact Email.

Their contact email is this

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