How To Get Loan From Keystone Bank

This article will show you how to get loan from Keystone Bank. You might be a customer/clent already or intending to be one soon. It is a good bank for your care.

Keystone Bank is a commercial bank in Nigeria that is customer’s friendly and could offer to their needs of their customers.

How to get loan from Keystone Bank

Keystone Bank offers different types of loan this includes,

• Trade finance- How To Get Loan From Keystone Bank.

This is for importers, exporters and for people trading in Nigeria. Keystone bank can offer you such loan

• Agricbusiness loan – How To Get Loan From Keystone Bank.

This kind of loan can come from Central Bank of Nigeria and offered by Keystone. This is for people that are into Agriculture of any form. The finance can come for procurring of land, farm machinery and input.

As the government of Nigeria is supporting Agriculture, this one is good to apply for now. The interest rate here is about 9%.

• Distributive support scheme.

Under here, any money lent is for working capital to support or add to it. This is for Cement distributor, Telecom dealers.

The interest rate are competitive and the amount of money you can borrow depends on your bank turnover.

• School Support Scheme.

Keystone supports Registered school to finance their project and live up to their Billings.

Schools supported with finance here includes Creche, Nursery, Primary, and secondary schools.

The interest rate is competitive and the loan is not available to tertiary institution.

•Creativke Industry Financing initiative.

This loan is available to creative industry like, the ICT, Fashion , Movies, Music and so on.

Up to #500 million naira could be borrowed at 9% interest rate. And could be repayable in 10 years tenure.


• CBN Healthcare Intervention Fund.

Businesses involved in human medical care can access this fund.

Healthcare product manufacturers, Service providers and distributors can get this funds.

And for now the interest rate is 5% till February 2021 when it comes back to 9%.

All these are loans offered by Keystone.

How To Qualify For Keystone Bank Loan.

• You Business must be duly Registered with cooperate affairs commission – CAC

• You must have a business account in your company’s name.

• Business have been in existence for 1- 3 years.

• Must have a good credit Bureau report.

• Must be an active customer of the bank.

How To Apply For Keystone Business Loan.

Application can be made through phone, email or visiting the bank.

And the following documents will be submitted.

• Completed Application form.

• Companies profile.

• Business plan.

• Cash flow budget.

• Bank statement for 12months.

• Audited financial accounts.

• Certificate of incorporation.

• Valid means of Identification- international passport, driving lincence, voters card or national I’d card .

• Proof of address.

•Collateral provided if available.

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