How To Get Loan From Access Bank

How to get loan with Access bank is a question on some people’s lips. This is because Access bank is more or less a retail bank and have a lot of loan options. You can even get a maternity loan for them. And they support women in business a lot. I will show you how to get loan from Access bank.

How to get loan from Access bank

There are different types of Loans you can get from Access bank, even maternity and Payday loans. That Payday is strictly now for salary earners. But the one I will talk of now is the one they call Cashflow loan.

The Cashflow loans is for business owners who wants to expand their business, buy machinery and establish a cash loan for their business.

It is meant for those that have account with Access bank or even with other banks provided you have duly Registered your business with CAC- corporate affairs commission.

Now, you can even open a business account and apply immediately. You only need to submit your bank statement from any bank, if you can’t submit for that of Access bank.

The interest rate is friendly and they have flexibile repayment plan. You can pay back between 1 to 12 months, for both the capital and interest, divisible by 12 months.

Here are the criteria to apply for the cash flow loan by Access bank.

• No collateral needed.

• You can apply online as no pepperwork.

•Business must be duly Registered.

•You can apply online here or visit any branch of Access bank to apply, though you enjoy a 2.15% discount when you apply online. But visiting Access bank can help you to apply and get adviced to be accepted.

Here are A few Frequently Asked Questions on Cashflow loans.

• Can I open an Access Business account and apply immediately?


• What Statement of Account can I Submit?

• You can submit anyone from any bank.

• When will the Loan be disbursed?

• As soon as your loan is approved and ready for disbursement, your lending officer will contact you and you will be getting update from your email. And you also sign in on cash flow website to monitor the repayment and progress of your loan.

•Can I pay down my loan before maturity and apply for another one?

•Yes you can.

• What Is The minimum and the maximum amount I can apply for?

• The minimum amount I can apply for is #1,000,000.00 and the maximum is #5,000,000.


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