How To Get Fint Loan In Nigeria Easily

As development and digitization is going on everyday the case is good for Nigeria. I have to say that financial institutions and other corporate bodies have helped in giving at loans to Nigeria. I will show you how to get Fint loan in Nigeria.

how to get fint loan

A lot of them have come out but what matters most is customer care service and competitive interest rate. And here, Fint Loan comes in. Fint is an investment company as well as a loan company. There interest rate is low, and that is second to none in Nigeria, currently.

how to get fint loan

What Is Fint Loan

Fint Loan is the first Nigerian loan is market place where lenders
meet with borrowers. Their system is automated hassle free that one
can use to lend money to credit worthy borrowers. These borrowers are
usually salary earners. Also registered business owners can also apply for loan. And you can get loan to fund some projects. They offer loans
without collateral.

How much Does Fint Give.

At Fint individuals can borrow as low as low #20000.00 and as high as #1000000.00. And corporate body can access up from #60000 to #20 million naira.

What Is The Interest Rate For Fint Loan?

The interest rate at Fint depends on how much the sector you invest
in. You can invest in Agriculture, Education, Housing, Mobile money etc. They charge an interest of 2% to 5% monthly and it all depends on borrowers risk.

How To Repay Fint Loan?

To repay Fint Loan login into your account. Click on repay loan and enter your ATM card details to repay. Make sure you have the amount to repay. For salary earners that had automatic withdrawals placed on their account. Their own is deducted automatically. Make sure you don’t delay after maturity day because there will be a penalty on that.

How To Contact Fint

ou can contact Fint customer care between Monday to Friday. 9am to 5pm.
or you can send message or Whats app at 09082925456 or 09063623629.

Finally, the above are how you can apply for Fint Loan in Nigeria easily.

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