How To Get Airtel Cash Loan In Nigeria.

Would you believe this? Well, you have to believe that a telecommunication company like Airtel gives loan to its customers. And that is another reason to become an Airtel subscriber/customer. If you are in short of cash and you are a customer, you can give it a shot. I will show you how to get Airtel Cash loan in Nigeria.


How to get Airtel Cash loan

Telecommunication giant Airtel gives Cash loan without collateral. And their interest rate is very friendly.

They offer this loan through their moblie money package. Somehow, you may need to ignore to banks and go for the Airtel Cash loan.

Airtel Cash Loan How It Works.

The Smart Airtel Cash loan is a micro loan Services offered by Aledin Nano Ltd in patnership with Airtel and Access Bank. This patnership gave birth to the mobile money service called Access Money.

The smart Airtel loan are disbursed with 60 minutes of applying for loan. The loan is given without collateral and the interest rate is low.

Requirements To Get The Loan.

The following requirements will help you get the smart Airtel Cash loan.

•You must be an Airtel and Mobile Money Customer.

•You must be above 18 years of age.

• Mobile Money wallet must be active.

•Must have a registered Airtel Sim card which must be active for 90 days.

• At the time of applying, no outstanding loan from Aledin Nano Ltd.

• Your credit History should not be negative. That means you must have a good credit score with your previous loans with Aledin Nana Ltd, if any.

How To Apply- How To Get Airtel Cash Loan

To apply simply dial *903#

Then follow the prompt and chose the smart loan offer in the menu. And finally enter your mobile money pin.

Now from the options you can chose to apply for a loan, repay or to know more details.

To get the loan, simply input the amount that you need. Then choose the number of days that you want to repay it. Confirm the amount and accept terms and conditions.

After this wait for confirmation and approval. Upon approval it will be sent to your mobile money account.

Interest Rate.

An interest rate of 1% will be charged daily. When it is due time to pay back, the full amount will be automatically debited from your account.

Now these are the means and steps to take the loan. If you are an Airtel customer and have a mobile money account with them then this is for you.

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