How To Get Access Bank W Power Loan.

This is not a heck. It is something to talk about. I am talking about the Access bank loan for women owned business. Many women are into many business but lack enough capital to push it up. Some there business is promising it is capital intensive. They will need help to further prosper it. I will show you how to get Access Bank W Power Loan.

How to get Access bank W Power Loan

And to tell about this loan. It is not for Men rather for female owned registered business. It can also be given to business es owned and controlled 50% by women.

Now you don’t go to Access Bank and apply for the loan. You need to have a registered business. It must be duly registered with the Corporate affairs commission or you register your business with your countries registration body.

So, as a woman if you didn’t register your business, you better go and do that today.

The loan is available to women in these sectors. Fashion, Catering/Eating services, Manufacturing, Beauty and Wellness, Hospitality and Tourism, Education, IT and Healthcare.

In this loan, you can assess up to 100 million Naira -one hundred million Naira.

The four best steps to get the W Power Loan.

• Access Bank Account.

You must have an Access bank account. If you don’t have open one. The account must be your business account. Use the name and your certificate you used to register your business account with the copororate account to open it.

So, open a corporate current account with Access bank. And operate the account for at least 30 days.

• Business Duration.

Your business must have been in operation for at least one year with a minimum annual turnover of 5 million Naira.

• Documents To Provide.

The documents to fill and provide include,

Loan application form.

Business/Company profile.

Bank statement including other bank statement.

Financial statements.

Crediable Gurantors Form.

Post Dated Cheque.

Credit Check.


Registeration for the Mini -MBA and training for other W applicable training, Bill of Equites and Pro Forma invoice.

• Fill the application form.

The above steps is what you can take to have access to this loan.

Next we’d continue with tips on how to get this loan.





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