How To Get Access Bank Loan. Find Out Everything Here

Are you an Access bank customer or you are planning to be one. You can get a Payday loan from them. This is easier with Access bank than any other bank. The more reason to open an account with Access bank. I will show you how  to get Access bank loan. Find out Everything Here.

How to get Access bank loan

This is a  quick loan which is are ought to be repaid quickly at least in a months time.  The Access bank loan is called a Payday loan.

 Payday loan Requirements.

This loan can be given for emergency, bills, house or medical, to meet some business emergencies and so on.

You might not require any paperwork or collateral to get it but bank would know your credit score and that your account is active. They wouldn’t want to lose their money if they give it to you.

So the requirements here are not tough once you have a salary account or a paid job. You don’t need your salary account to be domiciled to Access bank.

And you don’t need any gurantor, no paper work and you can apply on your mobile phone, even from home.

What Is Access bank Payday loan USSD?

Now you can simply dial the code and get your loan. You can dial it and receive it in minutes.

The Payday ranges between #1000- #500000. The interest rate is 3% and in most cases bank could decide the interest rate. It could be up to 4% with insurance.

This loan is ought to be paid back at the end of the month, that is when your salary is paid. Access bank will normally retrieve the the amount from your account as when due.

USSD Code To Get The Access Bank Loan.


• Dial the code *901*11#

• You will get the number of the Access account.

• You will discover how much you will get from the bank

• Then you are meant to accept it and accept also terms and conditions.

• Your account will be credited immediately with the said amount.

The above are your way to get the loan. If you have further questions you can contact customer care at Access bank. Take your time to visit any of their branches nationwide.

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