How To Get A Loan From Lydia 2020

Are you an established business looking for a business loan? Well, look no further, Lydia is here. I will list the steps to take on how to get a loan from lydia 2020.

How to get a loan

If you meet the requirements you can get quick loan from Lydia.


Lydia offers different kinds of loans .And it depends on the one you want.

• You must have an active bank account and a BVN.

You will need to submit or upload your six months bank statement.

And if you are apply for Lydia loan, you must show proof of ownership of business. That can be certificate of incorporation.

Lydia gives loan to already established business, not to start-ups. Also it will be nice to know that Lydia gives loan without collateral.

How To Get A Loan From Lydia.

• Sign up for Lydia through their website.

•Select the type of loan you wish to apply.

•Get your loan transferred to your bank account.

The above steps can be done within 24 hours. So no need to wait for weeks or months to access your loan.

• Interest Rate – How To Get A Loan.

Lydia interest rate is estimated to be 3,5%.

• Repayment – How To Get A Loan.

Lydia are both online and offline. You can pay back your loan at their offices offline. And you can also pay online.

Now, when a loan is given to you, they will calculate the tenor and how you pay back monthly.

• Advantages.

Their loans are processed very fast within 24 to 48 hours

The intrest is low.

Convienient and flexible repayment plan.

No collateral or gurantor needed.


The loan is only available to already extaestablished business not for start-ups or new comers.

You must pay back within the stipulated period given for the loan or you face the law. Some they don’t condone defaulters of their loan.


-Mobile App.

I have to say that Lydia currently do not have a mobile app. So till they get one. You can still apply through their website.

• Customers Care.

You can reach lydia through their social media handles.



The above are how you can apply for Lydia loan.


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