How To Check First Bank Account Balance Using USSD

Sometimes you might not have an Android phone with the Firstmobile app installed on it. Or if you do have, you might not have data on your phone to check your balance. Also you might have the normal Kpalasa or push button phone. This is where checking your balance using USSD code comes in.I will show you how to check your First Bank Account Balance Using USSD.

How to check first bank account balance using USSD code

Why You May Need To Check Your Account Balance.

There are times when the money that someone deposited or transferred to you might not reflect through SMS alert immediately. And sometimes the SMS alert don’t come at all, then you might need to check your account balance.

Or you may need to check your account balance to use and cross check your business dealings. You only need a dial away and you are there.

And this services is provided by telecommunication in Nigeria. Whether you are using an MTN Line, Glo, Airtel or Etisalat, you can check it on your mobile phone.

But before you check it, make sure that your line that you registered your line and you used it to open account with Firstbank. I am talking about the line that you use to receive alert, both credit and debit alert from your bank.

That is the line that you will use to check your account balance.

How To Check It.

Once you have power and little credit on your phone. Just dial *894*00# and send it. This is on the Sim card/line that you use to receive alert.

Then what you will see is -retreiving account balance. After that an SMS alert will be sent to your phone.

Open the SMS and see your balance.

The message will read thus, Your account balance as at 19th July, 2020, at 11:56am is ………..

That way, you will see your account balance. This is how to check first bank account balance ussing USSD.

How Do I Activate USSD Code First Bank?

This is three steps away.

•dial *894*0#

•enter a 4 digit personal identification number – PIN, linked to the debit card.

• create a 5 digit PIN and the registration is complete.

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