How To Become Rich The Sure Way

Do I need to say that poverty is a disease. If you are living and don’t have money, as being rich you might not enjoy your life. People get money everyday but don’t make good use of it. How you handle your finances matter a lot. Becoming rich sometimes might not be an overnight success but sometimes it happens. And that is for people who won a lottery or promo. Also for people who inherited wealth from their parents alive or late. Or people who got a huge contract work and are paid in millions. To some people the cases are different. So, in this article I will teach you how to become rich the sure way.

How to become rich


The Irony Of Money And Becoming Rich

Often times our parents don’t teach us how to be rich . Either that some of them are poor or for the rich parents not aware of early Finance Education

One thing is that if we miss it out when we are young, we miss out. Though it is never too late to start.

This is because an adage goes this way- anything a person wakes up is his/her morning. To be on a safer side, start planning early to be rich to avoid stress, double-crossing and overheat. If you ever try it like some of us you will understand me.

Anyway, you really might not get to read any completely new thing on this topic but after reading this you can know the best way to approach it and way it may still work for you.

But bear it in mind that getting rich is not an overnight success. But I know for sure that everyone is striving to be rich everyday.

No matter where you are from or your colour or race. It is in our blood to try and get rich.

That has even caused a lot of trouble both for people that have and people that don’t have.

Here people that have the money are being attacked , robed, duped or scammed by people that don’t have.

And people that don’t have the money lose a lot of things that they could have acquired. They are embrassed, rejected and being denied of many things. But that shouldn’t be the way.

The Way Forward.

Frankly speaking, if you are a parents, maybe you were not oppotuned to learn how to do some certain things that will benefit you in life, please don’t do same to your children.

Teach them enterprenuail skills. Teach them how to become rich in life.

Now making money in life and becoming rich encompasses a lot of things. It is really complex. And it is all about business.

Yes, I said business. Everything is business. Education is business, Manufacturing, Production, Agriculture, Politics, Sports of any kind, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Communication and Technology, Information, Technology, Advertisement and Services. Computing and do on. All these are business.

But the above listed, only one thing that will decide it. And what is that? It is information. Information is POWER.

Always bear in mind that becoming rich is a gradual process for people that didn’t hit the Jackpot or lucky to get inherited wealth.

Here are some of the things that you will do overtime to become rich.

• How To Become Rich The Sure Way By Having Mutiples Streams Of Income.

Now the story is good that you already have something doing. This is because this article is not for lazy or ideal people.

It is either that your working for a company or someone, or you are doing your own business. That is how it should be.

Some will say that what they are doing is fetching them six-figure income. It is not done that way. Even when you are earning enough from your job, don’t ever depend on one stream of income.

Find other things, maybe part time to surbordinate the one that you are already doing.

The reason for this is this, what if you lose your job/fired or the only one job that you are earning six figures dies. You will need to eat up your savings and start from square one.

But if you have another stream of income. You can possibly switch to it.

Then another reason to have multiple streams of income is increase your earning potential. You earn more from many sources. And if you earn more guess what that means? More savings and investments, that way, you are having your way to richness.

•Problems People Have On Deciding On A Second Stream Of Income.

Just that the problems people have is what business/es do they attach to the ones that they are already doing, money to start and time factor.

You see all these could be solved if you are really serious about other streams of income.

Now take a look at it this way. Dip hand from your savings or get money from a relative or Bank to start a new business.

For the time factor, create a little time, or still make the new business you want to start a part time business. And again nothing stops you from employing a good second hand to manage it for you, and you pay the person.

For the business, to do research on the internet for thriving businessed you can do within your locality. It could be online or offline.

I might not really chose for you because I don’t know your passion and likes. But always do a business or services that you like.

• An Example Of Business To Do.

I will give an example here. A banker can open a grocery shop and have an attendant work for him/her as a salesperson and is being paid monthly.

This is another stream of income for the Banker.

Alternatively, A banker can open a Barbing Salon and have someone work there. This person is being paid monthly.

There are many things to do. So if you lack an idea on what Business to do. Just do research on the internet.

And this is just one of those things to do and become rich.

Invest In Stocks For Long Time.

This is another way to become rich. Money doesn’t grow in a Tree as they always say. You can make money investing in stocks. Almost every rich and wealthy man in America did that.

Stocks could be risky if done in the short unless you know how the market goes or you can predict very well. But usually long time investment pays well and can turn you millionaire.

Penny stocks are very good. This is because it allows you invest in cheap stocks and allows you buy higher units of shares

Leave your stocks to appreciate. You can all it to stay for up to ten to fifteen years. And see how well it has appreciated. You get up to one hundred times the money you invested. This case is true for successful and well moving companies.

Companies that are into foods, Agruculture, telecommunication, Finance- banking, tends to well in stock market. So, maybe you will have to go for them.


• Venture Into Agriculture.

Agriculture will never die. I hope you know that. Human beings will always eat food to sustain them.

You can go into cultivation or livestock production. These will always make you smile to the bank.

You can do livestock production, or cultivation. There are many things you can do.

Piggry, Birds and Fowl. Goat rearing. Snail rearing.

So any one you pick from these is the one that you can do.

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