How To Become A Makeup Artist Without Schooling

Though there are things that are naturally endowed in someone but it will still need little tush up to show. And some still went to school to learn a skill and are not good at it. There is money to be made with your skills. In the beauty and makeup industry, you don’t need to acquire a degree or Harvard degree to practice as a profession. Here we go as I show you how to become a makeup artist without schooling.

How to become a makeup artist

Talent Speaks In Makeup Artist.

Some people are naturally gifted when they just see something or learn it a little while they pick up. Not only do they pick up, they diversify and create and add new ideas to what they learnt.

If you are someone like that, you might not need much schooling to become a professional in your field.

In our article today, I never said that you shouldn’t go to school to become a makeup artist. You can. But it might not require much education. Or you can still study another course and still practice as a makeup artist.

Now, it is more or less a practical than theoretical. You practice it and combine colours. And can also paint very well. This painting is on human skin.

So if makeup is your talent, then you can go far and make it without studying it in the school.

Today, people can open up small shops in the street as makeup artist. They print complmentary and business card and give to customers and individuals.

Now these customers can contact them to come and make them up. They are paid for it.So that is business for you.

Some makeup artist can partake in the shooting of movies to make the crew- actors and actresses up. That us another paid job for them

And events spring up everyday, now and here. You got to go and make people up and get paid for it.

Also some people could hire you as their own personal makeup artist. These are rich, wealthy and elite members of the society. And you are paid handsomely and every month for it.

Now becoming a makeup artist without schooling might sound crazy. But I said you could have the talent. It could be imbult in you. You will need to know how to read and write. And making research and using the internet is the only school we might have here.

How To Become A Makeup Artist Without Schooling.

The following are the ways to become a makeup artist without schooling.

• Become An Assistance To An Already Established Makeup Artist.

This is the best thing to do for you. Try and work for a well established Makeup artist that knows what he or she is doing.

Assist the person. Just be by his or her side when she is applying the makeup. Hold the makeup bag. And be giving her everything she needs. Your eyes should be glued to her work.

You will learn everything. Again ask him or her questions why the other is preferable. This should be asked politely.

And in the course of your assisting him or her, don’t ever demand for money. The truth is that the person should put you up someday, when you are not greedy and your character is good. But if he or she gives you money, accept but don’t demand on your own.

There are other things you can do as you learn. Try and be smart and suggest some colours for him or her.

So by being an assistant for about six months to one year, you can craft the art without going to school


• Study The Techniques Of Successful Makeup Artist.

You can do this by searching it online. Read ebooks online on makeup. There are free ebooks on cosmetology.

Learn colours, combination and painting. You can watch some of them on YouTube.

Here now, this Costomelogy is something you can go to school to study but since you can’t. Then make use of the internet and teach yourself

New things and styles come up on the internet everyday. You will even be ahead to get such informations.

Be innovative in the art of this makeup thing. Learn on your own and practice.

• Volunteer.

This is how you gain popularity and also get use to makeup artist. When you volunteer it helps you to practice the work more.

People might not really get to start knowing you at that time. But you go to events and volunteer to make people up for free. There must be a sacrifice not asking for the pay initially.

And you can also volunteer to assist a makeip artist at events. Be friendly and nice.Then the door will be opened.

• Practice With Family And Friends -Hiw To Become A Makeup Artist.

This is the way to get used to your makeup artist career. You got to practice it with your family and friends. You can also do that with your younger ones.

Ask them how they feel about your painting. Be open and allow them to tell you the good and the bad.

When you are making your family and friends up, try and be innovative. Create new styles and ideas.

•Acquire The Basic Skills.

On how to become a makeup artist you need to acquire the basic skills.

You can learn the basics on the internet or ask a makeup artist to tell, list or teach you, personally.

•Get A Cosmetology License – How To Become A Makeup Artist.

Although Cosometogy do not require license. If you work in a salon you will need it.

It will also boast your chances of landing jobs and big ones.

It shows credibility. And it shows acceptance in any organization you go for, maybe to work for them.

You can obtain the Costomelogy licence from your state Costomelogy board. That way you are good to go.


Finally, those are the steps to take if want to be a makeup artist without going to school to study it.

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