How To Become A Copywriter And Make Money From It

The fact remains that advertising is where the money is, sometimes. And copywriting is part of it. There are ways you can make money. Becoming a copy writer is one of it. I will show you in this article on how to become a Copywriter and make money from it.

How to become a Copywriter

First and foremost I you need to know this.

Who Is A Copywriter.

A Copywriter is a person who writes text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.

What Is Copywriting – How To Become A Copywriter.

This is the act or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.

Here the product called copy or sales copy is a written content aimed to increase brand awareness. This is aimed to pursuade people or a group to buy or take action

Copywriters write copy, words that can inspire or pursuade people to take action, subscribe to a newsletter, click a button, buy a product or service.

What Copy Do Copywriters Write?

They actually write anything online or offline.

Online includes, Landing pages, website copy. Email Campaigns, Facebook ads. Video scripts, lead magnets.

And offline includes, Print ads, Radio ads, display advertising, White paper reports. Brochures and Informecials.

How To Become A Copywriter – Who Hires CopyWriters?

Copywriters can be hired by advertisment or marketing agencies. And they can also be accommodated by companies of different generis who might need adverts from time to time.

Also there are freelancers Copywriters who work independently. A freelancer can work full time or part-time.

A copywriter could tell a short story or longer ones and get paid.

And sometimes the job of a copywriter might not be easier. He can do brainstorm with design and illustration, with the help of a team to achieve result.

Now, the job might not be an easy one. This is because you must have the zeal and passion to Excell in it. Also training to do well.

You must not go for a special course to do well in copywriting. But have a degree in any field is good. But getting an OND in courses like Advertising or Mass communication will be perfect.

The reason why you have to be good at Copywriting is this, the company hiring you have competitors. So you will need to write copy that will beat other companies to make people to buy the product or services of the company that you are working for. You see that way, you win.

Here are the steps to take to become a Copywriter and make money from it.


1. Become a good observer.

You have to be a good observer of your environment and happenigs around your vicinity. And even around the world.

Watch around. Listen and reason why things are different or same. Why they are supposed to be a particular way. That is one way to get ideas

2. Ask Questions, take Survey- How To Become A Copywriter.

Ask useful questions when you don’t understand something or things don’t seem right.

When you ask questions you learn. If possible prepare questionire and distribute to people to complete and return back to you. There will be some kind people willing to answer you or your questionire with ease.

Take poll and survey to get ideas on some products and services.

You need to get answers to a lot of things that could shape your life as a Copywriter.

3. Get Answers To Specific Products or Services.

Now the question continues. As a copywrCopy you need to be direct in your questions atimes.

Like ask Mr. A why he or she likes a particular product. And maybe Mrs. C why she’d go for a particular services

Compare and contrast answers. Learn on improvement on the products and try to include it in your Copywrite work.

4. Study Adverts On Your Own- How To Become A Copywriter.

Teach yourself adverts. How you do this is this. Watch television adverts, listen to radio ads, read online ads. What do you pick from there? Ask yourself why you like a particular ads and don’t like the other one.

Or rather why you will prefer a particular Adverts. List down your reasons.

Then from the advert what will make you go for a particular product or service. And even what will make people buy a product after seeing and advert. All these will add to your knowledge.

5. Join An Advertising School.

This will be a good idea if you want yo take copywriting as a professional job. Seek for an advertisement school. Register and be part of them.

Learn the rudiments of adverts. It will go a long way to make you understand your job well. And it can help you connect. How do I mean by that? It can make you land a job, easily.

6. Register With Professional Advertisment Body.

In your country you can find Advertisment. Just try and register with them.

That way, you will be landing yourself more jobs. It will get you recorgnized. And a colleague could refer you to companies.

7. Source For Jobs.

You can as well source for jobs on your own. Submit your CVs to Advertising firms or companies. Tell them that you are a Copywriter.

Show them samples of works you have done before. Or if you haven’t done any, just be imaginative, productive. Craft out ideas and provide draft and show them. These should be personal ideas that you learnt from some of the adverts you have seen.

Submit them and land your well deserved job.

8. Start A Blog To Show Your Copywriter Skill.

This could be the sole reason of your starting a blog. You can as well do other things on your blog.

Update your blog regularly and showcase your copywriting skills. You will be surprised at how you will be contacted by Advertising firms.

In your blog, have a page to show samples of your work. Also have a contact page, to contact you.

Make a professional looking site. Also join some online copywriting companies that hires.

You can also become a freelancer copywriter. Some online people are looking for whom to hire. They pay per job.

And sometimes job could come that it will be too many for you to exhaust.

These are how to become a copywriter and make money from it. As you can see Copywriting is a big time job. And a lot are earning big bucks from it.

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