How To Add Family And Friends On Airtel

Do you know how to do thus? Add family and friends on Airtel? As an Airtel customer you might need to learn that. Well, this article will teach you how to add family and friends on Airtel.

How to add family and friends on airtel

This Airtel family and friends enabled one to call some numbers at a discount. These numbers could include the numbers you call very often.

Airtel enabled you to add these numbers. So do you call your families or friends very often? Then you can enjoy a discount if you do so.

The Airtel family and friends tarrif is such that you enjoy discounted and longer hour of talk if you call you loved ones . Once you have them registeredĀ  on family and friends.

How It Works – The Airtel Family And friends.

You need to add five numbers. And you can remove them at any time. But you need to know that if you add more than 5 persons, anyother one you add attracts #50 charge.

How To Register Family And Friends On Airtel.

Dial the Airtel family and friends code. This code registeration code. This code is *141*2*number#. Take for instance *141*2*07030004800# and send and the number will be registered. And you can do it for any number that you want to register.

How To Remove Or Delete Numbers.

If you want to delete numbers just dial this code *141*3*number# and send and the number will be deleted.

To View Your List Of Registered Number.

If you want to view your list of registered number then dial this code *141*5# and send it. All the list will appear.

List Of Call Charges.

Please note that even as you enjoy call discount on your calls. SMS charges are not discounted.

Now throughout the peak period usually between 6am and 9.59pm calls made to only your family and friends will only attract a rate of 25 Kobo per seconds.

Then the off peak period, that is 10pm and 5.59am calls at this time will be charged at 21 Kobo per seconds.

This service is only available to prepaid clients on Airtel Network. And whatever tarrif you are in you can enjoy more talk time with your loved ones.

If you have further questions on this you can contact the Airtel customer service care on 111. This is free from any Airtel number. You can also visit any Airtel shop or office close to you for further enquires.


So with the above information, you know your way andĀ  all the codes. Please do help us share this information.

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