First Bank ATM Cardless Withdrawal: How To Withdraw Money

Things happen when you may lose your ATM card. Or leave it at home. More you can decide to just go Cardless with your mobile phone number in your purse or pocket. And you might decide to withdraw your money at the ATM without card. Once you have your phone and the Sim card that you used to open an account with first bank, then you can get your cash at the ATM. I will show you just that this article. First bank ATM Cardless Withdrawal: How To Withdraw Money.

First bank ATM Cardless Withdrawal

And sometimes your ATM card can be damaged. This could make you to go for Cardless withdrawal If you have an emergency.

It was in 2014 that all the banks in Nigeria initiated their cardless withdrawal. Just to ease safe withdrawal in case of a damaged card.


First bank ATM Cardless Withdrawal What You Need To Withdraw Money

There are three things you will need to access money without your credit or debit card. They are:

1. The amount that you want to withdraw.

2. 12 paycode sent to your line through text message.

3. Self generated 4 pin one time password – OTP.

How To Use The Feature.


• Dial *848*amount# Don’t vary the amount.

• A pop up would ask you certain details to authentic your transaction. You will still in put your pin to proceed.

•Next a 4 pin one time generated pin will be required of you. Generate it and put it.

•You will wait for a Paycode to be sent to you.

•Then locate First bank enabled Cardless withdrawal ATM. Enter your pin and select cardless withdrawal.

•Enter your 4 digit one time pin or you can call it paycode.

•Now input the amount that you already selected and your phone number.

•Wait a while for the ATM to give you your cash.

It is as simply as the above mentioned steps.


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