Cute Korean Boy Names, Amazing And Meaningful For Your Child

The beauty of every parents is to have kids and more especially male child. Another thing is to give the child a good name. Sometimes good names follow children and make them grow up to be good adults and Achievers. These names given to them should be beautiful, unique and meaningful. I will show you cute Korean boy names Amazing and Meaningful for your child.

Cute Korean Boy names

Once you pick a Korean name it is usually written in Hanja. Hanja is a Korean term meaning Chinese character.

Korean names can have diffrent Hanja meanings according to how they are written in Hanja.

So, once you pick a Korean boy name, ensure that you know the meaning.

And if you don’t know the Korean name to give to your child. Here the list. You will also see their meanings.

Cute Korean Boy Names Amazing And Meaningful For Your Child.

• Beak Hyeon, Beak means for elder brother while Hyeon stands for virtuous or worthy. The name stands for Virtuous Brother.

• Beom Seok, Beom is pattern, rule or model, then Seok means like a rock .So the name goes this way – Pattern of a rock.

• Bae means inspiration.

• Bong as a name means Mythical Bird.

•Bong-Ju means pillar, post or support.

•Bon Hwa stands for Glorious one.

• Bo- Seon means kind, virtuous, charitable, or good.

• Bitgaram means light river.

• Byeong- Cheol means stands for wise or wisdom, Sagacious.

• Byeong- Su means conserve, protect, guard, defend.

•Cho means Handsome.

• Chin Hae stands for Ocean truth or depth.

• Chin Hwa means the wealthiest and the most properous of all.

• Chin-Mae goes for a truthful person.

• Chul means not hard or soft, firm.

•Chung Ae is Love and Noble.

• Chung- Ho is a rightous lake.

• Chung- Hee means dutiful and righteous.

•Dae means the great one, shining.

• Dae –Ho means a great personality.

•Dae-Hyun is honour and great.

• Dae Jung stands for honest great and righteous.

• Dak- Ho: deep lake.

•Doh: Accomplishment.

• Du-Ho: Head and greatness.

• Geon means to construct, strong or respect.

• GI: Brave or Foundation.

• Good means nation.

•Haneul stands for heavenly.

• Hak- Kun means rooted in intelligence.

• Hee is brightness.

• Hei: wisdom.

• Ho: Goodness, lake.

•Hwan: Bright.

• Hye means and intelligent and bright man.

•Hyuk means Radiant.

• Hyun: Bright, intelligent, virtuous.

•Hyun Ki: Wise, Clever, Shrewd, astute, expert or intelligent.

•Hyun Shik: Brillant, Smart or Clever.

• II: Superiority.

• In: Humanity and wise.

•In-Su: preserving, wisdom.

•Iseul: Dew.

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