8 Ways To Make Money With Your Music 2020

8 ways to make money with your music

If you are a young Musician it might be tough for you to climb the ladder. Creating a brand could be hard. You require huge amount of money to do that. What if you don’t have or don’t have enough? Then it is a problem. I will show you the 8 ways to make money with your music 2020.

But what you have to know is this, when you create a music, you are creating a valuable asset that can earn you money for life. So it is not a child’s play.

Now, the truth remains this, do you have the skills? How good is your music?

Jtust be good at what you do. Spend time to create quality music that listeners will like to hear or watch, in the case if videos .

You have to create a brand, if possible. If that is hard. You may need to sell more of your music online. That will even make you to get signed up easily.

With that, the below are the 10 various ways you can make money with your music.

1. Get 1000 True Fans

This has started long ago. It was Kelvin Kelly founder of Wired Magazine. He wrote about 1000 True fans in his blog post.

Can you get 1000 fans, subscribers, customers who will be there to consume everything you produce.


These ones would buy your CDs/vcds, tickets, tshirtts and so on. They are the ones to pilot your music business, truly dedicated fans, diehard fans that will be there for you anytime. They will buy all your version and editions.

You wouldn’t know but this amongst the 8 ways to make money with your music 2020.

And look at the calculation here, $100 from 1000 true fans is $100,000. This is better than getting $1 from 100000 fans.

Though it requires energy and investments to nourish these 1000 fans.

2. Get Traffic To Your Music On Spotify – 8 Ways To Make Money.

In internet traffic is what moves your business. You make sales with it. Now can you easily get traffic to your music on Spotify account? Also Amazon, Apple, YouTube? And you can get search traffic from Google, Bing,Yahoo, through your website.

What about traffics from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pandora.

A potential fan can get your music through this way.

3. Go And Get Crowdfund- 8 Ways To Make Money With Your Music.


This is what you should go for. Raise the funds. Crowdfunding is what most of the people do to raise money.

There are sites that you can go to raise funds. They include GoFundMe, Kickstarter, indiegogo and so on.

You can as well raise fund from the above.

4. MP3 Sales- 8 Ways To Make Money Online.

MP3 revenue is in decline currently. But it is still agreat well to make money from your music.

The likes of iTunes, Google play, and Amazon are the main stay in MP3 music.

5. Having Streaming Outlets.

Streaming makes 75% of music revenue.

Apple music, Spotify, Google play, Amazon, Deezer, Pandora make up most of the music streaming.

There is money in music streaming. So get your music exposed to millions of listeners in playlist. You will find out that you will also earn from ticket sales and merchandise.

6. Bi- Monthly Headline Series.

What you do here is to create a brand that can perform on weekends. This could be done twice a month.

And you give it a name. Get people that can assist you in performing. Just try and make it fun.

Of course, it can give you a lot of money as an upcoming musician. You can use this method to create and strengthen your brand. And also show your creativity.

7. Earn Performance Royalties.

Performance Royalties are a global revenue stream generated from radio aitplay, music venues, malls, bars, sports venues, campuses and do on.

So the more work you put into strengthening your brand, the bigger your royalties get.

8. Making It Through YouTube In Four Different Ways.

As an upcoming music star there are four ways that you can make money through YouTube. You have to get from the four ways.

First of all to automate your YoutYou revenue, just register with some collection companies. These companies can automate your revenue.

These companies includes AdRev, Dmusic, Audiam and so on.

Now 4 Ways YouTube pays you.

• Royalty for sound recording owner – AudioM/Master collected by your distributor.

• And this one -royalty for the content owner -visual collected by your Admin Co.

• A performance royalty for the public broadcast of the song ( Performance) This is collected by your PRO.

• Finally, mechanical royalty for the interactive stream of the song (Composition/Publishing), collected by your Admin Co.

There are numerous ways to earn with your music. But we just focused on the above 8 ways.

If you can at least make do of the above as an upcoming musician, then you will earn. It is worth trying.

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